Dog Play Groups

Over the summer of  2012, APA hired Mike Kaviani (with the assistance of Aaron Caldwell) to run play groups for the dogs in our program. Play groups are a great way for dogs to socialize with other dogs and get exercise while APA! staff members and potential adopters get a better picture of how that dog interacts with other dogs. drumstickThese play groups are extremely beneficial for dogs that already have good dog-dog social skills as well as those that do not. APA!’s well-socialized dogs are given the opportunity to teach the under-socialized dogs how to play and behave appropriately with other dogs and they are all given the chance to shine.

The dog behavior staff is currently running playgroups twice a day, every day. This part of the dog behavior program has made a significant impact on the number of high energy dogs throughout Central Texas that APA! has been able to save.

“Playing for life!… a training and behavior modification program for shelter dogs featuring play groups” – Aimee Sadler

When Mike Kaviani came to APA! he brought with him principles of Playing for Life which he learned while training under Aimee Sadler. These principles have daily playgroups at the foundation of creating better lives for shelter dogs. The principles emphasize the overall mental, emotional, and physical health as well as the individuality of each dog. Playgroups not only allow for lifestyle improvement while dogs are in the shelter but drastically increase the number of dogs that now live in happy, loving homes.


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