Benedict Cumberbatch

Sex: Male
Breed: Havana Brown
Current Weight: 8 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 07/01/2005
Age: 9 years, 7 months
Colors: Brown
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Adoption Donation: $0.00
Location: In Foster

Sleek - Loving - Chatty

This Benedict Cumberbatch is not a sociopathic detective, nor is he an overpriced CGI dragon. Benedict Cumberbatch is a wonderful companion-like cat. Equipped with a wide range of meows and an alarmingly cute face, Benedict is a great conversationalist. He'd love to have a chat with you over dinner (for real - this guy loves to eat, keep an eye on your sandwiches).

He's really loving and adores a good head scratch. Most often, he just likes to sit near you. In fact, he's never very far from where you are - he just wants to hang out and know he's loved! He's perfect for people who prefer their cats to be on the independent side.

Benedict Cumberbatch is positive for FIV, which sounds way worse than it is. It isn't contagious to animals of the non-feline persuasion and it can result in a lowered immune system, so it's just important to stay up to date on vet visits. There's a link at the bottom of the post that has a lot more info if you need it!

Much like Sherlock, Benedict is a teensy bit of a loner, so you won't need to get him a kitten-friend to keep him entertained. He's perfectly content to hang out around the house and get affection from you!

Benedict is so well-liked his adoption fee has been paid by an admirer!

All APA! foster kittens/cats are litter box trained, tested for FeLV/FIV, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms/fleas, microchipped and come with a 30-day health insurance plan.

If you have additional questions about Benedict Cumberbatch please send an email to [email protected]

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