Sex: Male
Breed: Siamese
Current Weight: 8 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 07/01/2005
Age: 9 years, 5 months
Colors: Black
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Adoption Donation: $0.00
Location: In Foster

http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/ca3d4d2b-229b-4c85-afe7-db0ff2d1eb60.jpg http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/1ba8bd73-d5a2-4403-a2f4-3c6d90fa7d84.jpg http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/69cf5fe3-3e30-4290-89d8-d666d728aed9.jpg

Low-Maintenance, Loyal, Loving

Jack is a cat who enjoys taking naps and spending time near you. He has a loving demeanor and likes a bit of petting, but mostly he likes to just sit near you and observe or nap. Jack will play with toys, but he seems to think they are the enemy and will bat them around until they are in little pieces. One of Jack's funniest tricks is that he will act like he is talking back to you! If you say "Hi Jack" he will meow in response. He will also meow when you get home and to ask to be fed.

Jack is an independent cat and has not taken well to other cats or dogs. He can live with them if they too are independent and keep to themselves, but other pets seem to bother him. Jack hasn't recently been around any children, but since he hasn't taken to cats or dogs he might have trouble adjusting to living with young kids. Generally a low-maintenance cat, Jack will sometimes vomit after eating, but that just means a little clean up every once in a while. Jack has good litter manners.

Jack is FIV+, which sounds worse than it is - FIV is a virus that lives in a cat and can cause a weakened immune system. It is NOT contagious to humans, dogs, or any species other than cats. And it is only contagious to other cats through deep, penetrating bite wounds. FIV+ cats live close-to-normal life spans (phew!), and you would never know he had FIV just by looking at him! The only big difference between owning a special kitty like Jack versus an FIV negative cat is that he can get sicker faster than other cats. So he just needs to go to the vet annually on time, keep his shots up to date, and take him in as soon as he gets sick with anything. That's about it! For lots more info you can visit this website: http://bestfriends.org/Resources/Pet-Care/Cats/Health-And-Care/FAQs-About-FIV/

With his handsome face and laid-back and loving demeanor, Jack is a great cat for someone who likes to relax and spend time with a loving kitty. Jack will always be at your side as a quiet, loyal companion!

All APA! foster kittens/cats are litter box trained, tested for FeLV/FIV, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms/fleas, microchipped and come with a 30-day health insurance plan.

If you have additional questions about Jack please send an email to [email protected]

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