Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Current Weight: 9 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 12/08/2009
Age: 4 years, 10 months
Colors: Tan
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Adoption Donation: $0.00
Location: Visit Helena at Site

Independent - Content - Sweet

The favorite perch of our Queen Helena is the highest part of the cat tower - it is her throne! This is where she prefers to sleep, relax, and watch over the other kitties in her group. If one of the rambunctious kittens decides to climb up to her and disturb her peace and quiet, she might make a fuss (all hissing, no swatting), but will calm down as soon as the interloper moves on. Helena likes her personal space!

Helena might like to keep to herself, but she appreciates attention from people, especially in the form of chin rubs! She will let you know how much she likes it by sweetly meowing a thank you. She is very affectionate and perfectly-sized for your lap, though she may need to get to know you first; once she does, she will head butt you and lick your hand, happily purring and meowing.

Helena is positive for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), which means she can only cohabitate with other FeLV+ kitties, dogs, or other non-cat animals. FeLV is species-specific and only contagious to other cats; it is not contagious to humans, dogs, or other non-cat animals. Helena must always remain an indoor kitty, and needs to be fed a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. For more information about FeLV, please contact Austin Pets Alive!

Since Helena prizes her alone time, we think a peaceful, quieter home where she was an only kitty would be best for her. She doesn't play with toys much, so a home with older children who would respect her and pet her would be better than one with children who wanted to engage her in play; she's a lover, not a player! We haven't seen her with dogs, but a mellow dog would definitely be better for her than a very energetic dog.

Cats can live 2-4 years beyond when they are first diagnosed with FeLV - or even longer - so we'd love nothing more than for Helena to spend that with her own family. If you have a home that sounds like the perfect place for her, and especially if you have a high perch with her name on it - contact us to meet this bundle of tabby cuteness today!

All APA! foster kittens/cats are litter box trained, tested for FeLV/FIV, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms/fleas, microchipped and come with a 30-day health insurance plan.

If you have additional questions about Helena, please send an email to [email protected]

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