O'Purry 2

Sex: Female
Breed: Manx
Current Weight: 7 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 02/25/2013
Age: 2 years, 11 months
Colors: Cream
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Adoption Donation: $0.00
Location: In Foster

http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/66b878cc-6758-4d91-a804-6a73f02d624a.jpg http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/c771e7f7-c154-4161-a819-aa0cec8da42f.jpg http://www.petango.com/sms/photos/1112/f84132b7-c1aa-4589-80dc-02f895d246c4.jpg

Love is Unconditional.

Being different doesn't matter to her, being loved does. Caring for a special needs pet may take less time or money than you think... and the life you'll save is priceless.

O'Purry has a condition that is called Manx Syndrome. This means she was born without a tail and a shorter spine than most cats which has caused her to be fecally incontinent, and she also needs her bladder expressed a couple of times a day -- we know that sounds scary, but don't worry! Her foster and our vets will walk you through how to care for O'Purry and her special needs. O'Purry is easy to express and has no problems as long as you express her regularly (morning, lunch, after work and before bed). She will probably have to wear a diaper her entire life, but she doesn't let that stop her. She is a brave kitty, takes all of this all in stride, and still plays like a happy, confident kitten!

O'Purry, because of her shortened spine, also walks a bit differently than other cats. She gets around just fine, and is cute as a button! She moves more like a rabbit than a cat and can be heard hopping around from downstairs. She is able to climb up a cat tree but has to work hard to jump up on a chair. She loves to play with balls and mice and likes other cats. She will seek out your lap to sit and purr on.

Please email us to find out more about O'Purry an set up a meet and greet today!

All APA! foster kittens/cats are tested for FeLV/FIV, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms/fleas, microchipped and come with a 30-day health insurance plan. If you have additional questions about the adoption process, please email [email protected]