Mustang Sally

Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer
Current Weight: 49 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 12/15/2009
Age: 5 years, 8 months
Colors: Brown
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption Donation: $25.00
Location: In Foster

Super-smart. Super-athletic. Super-cute. Mustang Sally is, in a word, AMAZING.

Sally picks up new tricks nearly instantly - a prominent local trainer called her a "sponge," and "the kind of dog trainers love to work with". She is an agility queen. She is a champion snuggler. She loves to run, play, learn new tricks, and explore, and she loves, loves, loves spending time with her many admirers.

Sadly, our Mustang Sally was a victim of serious neglect early in life. She has had to learn to trust strangers but has come a long way and loves to meet people now.

Sally doesn't let her early sorrows affect her attitude today! She is best described as happy-go-lucky and a wiggle-holic! Whether she is playing fetch in the backyard, or greeting you with her wiggly backside when you come home, or snuggling under the covers, she is a joy to have in your home.

Mustang Sally does not know quite how to properly interact with other dogs so she needs an adult home where she is an only pet. Lots of free training support is available through APA!. In return, Mustang Sally offers loads of fun, laughs, and kisses. She's a low maintenance girl with no need for crating or special medications.

Are you up for the fantastic adventure Mustang Sally offers? If so, Sally wants to play with you today!