Sex: Female
Breed: Terrier, Bull
Bulldog, American
Current Weight: 47 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 03/28/2010
Age: 5 years, 10 months
Colors: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption Donation: $25.00
Location: In Foster

It's impossible to have a bad time with Morgan. With her wiggly body and big goofy face, this girl is a born entertainer.

Because, most of all, Morgan is fun. Confident, outgoing, intelligent, hilarious, and fun.

Morgan loves to play. Once out of her kennel, she wiggles all over. Those wiggles and that great big smile show you how happy she is to be with you. Morgan is very playful; she loves to chase toys and balls, and, more than anything, loves to play in water.

Morgan will splash around in the pool, then lie back with her paws up on the side, just like a human sunbather lounging after a swim. She is a born athlete, with plenty of energy to spare, so swims, long walks and runs should be a daily part of her life. A home with active adult companions and no other pets is needed.

Morgan will need time for cuddling, too. She is very affectionate, naturally loving. She will seek affection and attention from you often, especially right after one of her swims. Then this wet, wiggly wonder will share lots of sloppy, loving kisses.

Morgan is deaf. Because of this, Morgan needs a home with a patient companion who is willing to learn deaf dog hand training signals. Morgan is intelligent and has already learned hand signals for "yes!/good dog," "no/eh eh," and "sit." She waits patiently to have her leash put on when out of her kennel and walks well on a leash. Those qualities combined with her willingness to learn (and love of treats!) make her a great dog to train! She tends to get mouthy when excited so she needs guidance from her person to work on this. She is very friendly and attentive towards her human companions.

Morgan's pale white and pink coloring give her a feminine, pretty princess look. Her exuberance, goofiness, and energy make her a great playmate.

Feminine beauty and fun-loving buddy, all in one. A pretty special combination. A pretty special dog.

(Check out an additional video of Morgan here:

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