Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua, Long Coat
Current Weight: 16 pounds
Adult Size: Small
Date of Birth: 01/05/2011
Age: 3 years, 3 months
Colors: Golden
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption Donation: $0.00
Location: In Foster

Shy and demure when you first meet her, little Roza comes out of her shell as she comes to know and trust you. She LOVES other dogs and needs to be in a home with a canine companion to give her confidence. She won't play right away, but will follow another dog around and look to them for leadership.

As she gets to know you she will start getting closer when you're not looking, especially if you give her space and let her take her time. Next thing you know you'll wake up to find her next to you, or see her jump onto the couch when she sees you getting ready to sit there.

Speaking of jumping, this little thing loves to run around with other dogs or out on the trail when you go for a walk. Once she knows she's with you she's very good about staying with you if she's off leash. And when she's happy and excited she literally flies through the air jumping over rocks or into the car. It's so cute to watch!

Little Roza is house trained, walks nicely on a leash (or off), doesn't chew on things or mess with the furniture, and is usually quiet (although she will bark with excitement when you come home!). She's a perfect house mate.

Roza may be epileptic and has had a few seizures. She is on anti-seizure medication now, and it's very easy to give it to her since she loves peanut butter and the pill is small. She just eats it right down with her tail wagging! As long as she gets her meds three times a day she is fine and they are not expensive.

This little girl is so sweet and happy, and it just fills your heart to see her slowly come to trust you. The first time she stands in your lap or you wake up to find her next to you, your heart will swell. And she will always want to be near you, sitting quietly, demanding nothing more than your presence. She gives really good kisses once she falls in love with you!

Do you and your current canine buddy have the love and patience this special girl wants and needs? She'll make you feel just as special in return.

And remember, all APA adoptions come with free behavior assistance through APA's behavior team.

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