Sex: Male
Breed: Terrier, Bull
Current Weight: 43 pounds
Adult Size: Large
Date of Birth: 06/14/2012
Age: 2 years, 4 months
Colors: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption Donation: $50.00
Location: Visit Keebler at Site

Keebler is Mr. Independence, a guy who likes to do his own thing - but he has also learned how much fun it is to socialize with human friends.

He's a high energy boy who is always up for a run, and so will be someone's great running buddy on the trail. Keebler is friendly toward his new people buddies at the shelter (he will give kisses to show that he's happy to see you!) and the other social skills that go along with interacting with humans. He's a smart guy and catching on to the wonders of getting treats. He's already great on the leash!

In addition to all of Keebler's wonderful natural qualities, he has been working hard to be a dog you can take anywhere with pride. Keebler has been working on his Canine Good Citizen skills, and has passed the tests to be CGC-ready, should you want to take the official test. To pass the American Kennel Club's CGC test (and be considered CGC-ready by APA), a dog must demonstrate obedience and general reliability in real world situations. An APA CGC-ready dog knows sit and down, walks nicely on leash, will sit calmly when you are approached by strangers or another dog, won't approach people or dogs without permission, stays in sit or down until told "free," and comes when called. This training is very connected to your dog's relationship with you, so APA will work with you to help you establish this relationship and keep the training going. CGC-ready dogs can even take the official AKC test through APA!

Keebler is sociable with other dogs and seems like he'd do well with kids. He has great potential to be an ideal companion for an active adopter who can work with him to complete his training.

All APA adoptions come with free behavior assistance through APA's behavior team. And remember, when you adopt a dog from APA, you are saving not one, but two lives - the life of the dog you're bringing into your home, and the next dog APA can save in the adopted dog's place.

(Check out an additional video of Keebler here:

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