Sex: Male
Breed: Pointer
Current Weight: 60 pounds
Adult Size: Medium
Date of Birth: 10/22/2008
Age: 5 years, 10 months
Colors: Brown
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption Donation: $75.00
Location: In Foster

Meet Cecil, a magnificent, hard-working gentleman-in-training.

Cecil was put on this earth to make a difference. He is a driven, working-breed dog who loves to exercise his busy little mind. He is playful, perceptive and affectionate. He is energetic and loves learning new commands, which he picks up very quickly. He loves to play with his toys, get petted, explore, eat, and be a little ham.

His greatest joy in life, however, appears to be working. He has learned basic nosework and loves to track in the woods. He loves putting his nose to the ground and seeing how far a scent can carry him. When Cecil is working, the rest of the world is far away - the only thing that matters is his handler and the target he is trying to find.

Cecil may have missed out on some crucial socialization and is fearful of strangers, both human and canine. While he has made great progress, he will need a confident, understanding companion who will help him feel safe. He attends tutor days at the Canine Center for Training and Behavior and comes with a scholarship to help him continue his studies there. They can help his adopter get up to speed and enjoy Cecil and his many talents.

Cecil has demonstrated that he can respect confident cats in a home environment. He enjoys playing with appropriate dog friends provided he feels safe. He is a bit vocal and may not be a good fit for an apartment, and may be too busy and physical for small kids. He seems to prefer females, but likes his foster dad a lot and is very affectionate with him.

Don't miss out on this fine, hard-working lad - Cecil is ready to work and play with you today!

All APA adoptions come with free behavior assistance through APA's behavior team. And remember, when you adopt a dog from APA, you are saving not one, but two lives - the life of the dog you're bringing into your home, and the next dog APA can save in the adopted dog's place.

(Check out an additional video of Cecil here: http://youtu.be/T5FXzn1B3Lg)

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