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Biggie and Smallz: Proving They Can Beat the Odds

At just two days old, APA! took in two puppies, Biggie and Smallz. Although we first thought they were just normal bottle baby puppies who needed to be fed by hand for a few days, it was soon evident that … Continue reading

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New Behavior Program Prepares Dogs for Canine Good Citizenship

Started by the American Kennel Club in 1989, the Canine Good Citizen Program rewards dogs with good manners not only at home but also in the community. Starting in the summer of 2013, some dogs at Austin Pets Alive! are … Continue reading

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Project Rescue: Meet Fannie

Fannie would like to introduce you to a new web series that Austin Pets Alive! is producing — Project Rescue. Each week, we’ll highlight a dog who is looking for their perfect forever home. This week, that dog is Fannie! … Continue reading

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Kids Want a Puppy for Christmas? Consider Fostering

As long as kids have written letters to Santa, they’ve written letters to Santa asking for puppies. What kid wouldn’t want a puppy?! Puppies are so cute, so cuddly and so much work. Perhaps before you consider adopting a puppy … Continue reading

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Dogs Like Max Are What APA! Is All About

From Scared Sick Puppy to Friendly Goofball, Meet Max! Every once in a while, a dog or cat comes along that reminds us exactly what Austin Pets Alive! is all about. Right now, that dog is Max. Max is a … Continue reading

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Adam Update: Now With More Wagging Tail

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a new dog at Austin Pets Alive: Adam. Just as we expected, Adam is starting to blossom into a very special dog. Where he was once shy and nervous, Adam is beginning … Continue reading

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APA! Offers Classes to Benefit Volunteers, Adoptable Dogs

In just a few short months since Dog Behavior Program Manager Mike Kaviani came on board, Austin Pets Alive! has made great strides implementing important new programs. Playgroups for the dogs, pre- and post-adoption behavior and training support, and now … Continue reading

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When It’s Just Meant To Be

For Pamela Navarez-Fisher and her husband, Mark, Griff’s presence in their family was meant to be — a collection of bitter-sweet, serendipitous moments. Full of fleas and matted hair, Griff first streaked past Pamela and one of her two dogs, … Continue reading

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