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Remember Penelope?

penelope2A few months ago, you may have seen Penelope’s story on the news. She had been brutally attacked by a dog in her own home and her jaw had been broken. It was also discovered that she had  unweaned kittens to take care of!

Since then, all of  Penelope kittens have grown up and found their forever homes!

While it didn’t keep her from being a wonderful momma, Penelope continues to  recover from the traumatic event.

One injury that has remained is a pesky puncture in the roof of her mouth that was discovered during her recovery period. This puncture often … more

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Your Dollars Fill This Collar

During your last visit to APA!, you may have noticed a banner like this one:


Here’s the inside scoop:

This summer has been a busy one at Austin Pets Alive!. On average, we have saved three more animals per day than we did this time last year. These animals have included puppies with parvovirus, orphaned kittens, cats with ringworm, dogs that don’t do well in shelter settings and more.

And saving more lives means increased cost. Since all basic care for an animal costs approximately $250, our animals rely on people like you to help provide … more

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Lord of the Ring…Worm!

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) is hosting a community event designed to educate the general public on a fungus known as ringworm on Saturday, August 16th from noon to 6pm at their Town Lake Animal Center location (and hopefully encourage many adoptions in the process!).

Ringworm Adoption Fair

APA! has saved more than 500 cats with ringworm from euthanasia since the inception of Dazey’s Ward in 2010. Ringworm is highly treatable (though fairly contagious) and generally not a serious condition. In spite of this, cats and kittens with ringworm are routinely euthanized in city shelters nationwide.

Join … more

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Hot Dogs, Cool Cats

Adoption Specials all weekend- don’t miss out!



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Max the Cat

Max 1Max’s mom was homeless for a little while, and APA! helped place Max in boarding so she could have some time to get on her feet. She has a job now and found an apartment, so now all they need to get a new start together in their new home is a $500 pet deposit. Can you help Max and his mom stay together forever by helping with their pet deposit?  Online fundraising for Max the Catmore

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Pumpkin Queen needs our help!

Online fundraising for Pumpkin Queen needs our help!Pumpkin Queen is one special cat! She is a 7 Year Old Orange Tabby and is quite the lady! Pumpkin Queen ispumpkinq1 very sweet and enjoys sitting on laps and being petted and rubbed. She is a docile cat and enjoys human company but also does well with other cats. She is currently living in a group room with other  cats at our Town Lake location. She is being treated for IBD but has not been able to … more

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Chianna the Kitty

Chianna’s parents are going through a divorce, so she’s moving into an apartment. Her mom wants to keep her, but she is struggling to afford the pet deposit. Can you help Chianna stay with her mom by funding the pet deposit during this challenging time in their lives?296979_4106659679167_834754282_nOnline fundraising for Chianna the kitty

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Potato and Venison Please!

ChocoChoco is a special guy. He has a diet sensitivity andOnline fundraising for Potato and Venison please! has to be on a special diet. He has been eating the Royal Canin Potato and Venison kibble and needs more! When Choco is not on the special diet his skin becomes very itchy and becomes mildly infected  requiring medications and the poor guy is very uncomfortable. Austin Pets Alive is accepting monetary or Royal Canin Potato and Venison food donations for Choco. Help keep Choco on his special diet by donating today! more

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