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Austin’s Journey to “No-Kill”

Austin is a compassionate city known for its love for animals and its incredible no-kill status.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Check out this video documenting Austin’s journey to being the no-kill city you love so much.



Video not working? Check it out here

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Plato’s Fund Completed! THANK YOU!

platoPlato is an awesome 10yr old DSH Brown Tabby that is having some mystery issues! He has had an on and off appetite and ultrasound revealed an enlarged kidney and a possible mass but we suspect that Plato may be in kidney failure as well. His symptoms have not gotten better despite some preliminary treatments and he is still needing further diagnostics. Knowing for sure what Plato’s kidney values are would tell our medical team what treatment would be help Plato feel his best and put him on the best course to adoption!more

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Chicken is NO Chicken

When Chicken came to Austin Pets Alive!, everyone knew he had quite the journey ahead. He was cold and weak… and didn’t have the energy to lift his own head. He couldn’t close his mouth or eyes and he was critically undernourished, dehydrated, covered with sores and plagued with multiple infections. It looked like his life may be a short one.

But Chicken was no Chicken.

The medical team quickly and skillfully stabilized him. Three hours passed and he crashed again. Recovered. Crashed. Recovered. Crashed. Recovered. This went on for nearly three days. He was incredibly young and required regular feedings but was unwilling … more

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We need our dental machine repaired!

Online fundraising for We need our dental machine repaired!Help! Our dental drill/polisher hand piece is not working and needs to be replaced! On average the Medical Clinic will perform 5-10 dental surgeries a dentalmonth on dogs and cats that are in desperate need of cleanings and extractions. Because all of the cases we do tend to be severe cases it’s very important that we replace this piece of equipment as soon as possible! Postponing these important medical procedures prevents adoptions and prolongs these animals from receiving this very important … more

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Winter is Coming!

Freezing temperatures are here and these love-able dogs are set on staying warm.

dsc_0045The central heating doesn’t work throughout the shelter, so space heaters are used to keep two rows of kennels warm. These keep the dogs warm and safe, but are not in compliance with city code. Since a feasible solution was in place to keep the dogs warm through the winter (and we still hope to build our own forever home in the very near future), these expensive repairs had not been made a priority over the medical and routine needs of our furry friends. However, the propane … more

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Vote for your 2015 Kitten Calendar!

The contestants are in for the highly anticipated and highly adorable 2015 “Bottle Baby” Calendar.

Help us decide what 13 kittens will be featured in next year’s calendar by placing a donation in favor of whoever your find cutest! (Lucky #13 will make the cover!) Voting ends Monday, November 10th at midnight so get your votes in quickly and don’t forget to campaign for your favorites.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom- there are dozens of wonderful, cuddly entries this year.

Vote for Hermes!


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October Volunteer of the Month- Leora Orent

Thank you to October’s Volunteer of the Month, Leora Orent. Leora is one of those volunteers with the passion, energy and thoughtfulness that make her an asset to the APA! team as well as a favorite among our canine residents.
Here’s what her fellow volunteers had to say about her:
LeoraOrent“Leora has been there almost every day I have since I started in June (and I go pretty often), and has always been friendly and helpful. She went out of her way to get to know me after seeing me a few times and … more

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Gideon – COMPLETED! Surgery is being scheduled!

Gideon2Meet Little Gideon! He is a very small dog but is having a big problem. Gideon, a 4.9lb,  10yr old chihuahua, is having what is called what is called paraphimosis. The tip of Gideon’s penis is exposed causing swelling and pain. Because Gideon cannot retract his penis it is chronically dry and exposed.

Gideon has had two surgeries at APA but the problem has not resolved. The vets would like a specialist to perform Gideon’s next surgery to hopefully correct the problem permanently and allow Gideon to be healthy and happy!

Gideon loves to go out for patio … more

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