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This Boy Ely! – Funds Raised and Surgery is Scheduled!

ely1 Affectionate and cuddly, Ely is not shy about asking for what he wants. “I love you,” his eyes say. “So, how about giving me that cookie!”  Ely is an a handsome 3yr old Pit Mix that just loves people. He has been known to follow his fosters around the house just because as well as spoon on the couch.

Ely is 3yrs old and in the prime of his life! Sadly, he has two bum knees. Ely is in need of TPLO, or tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, surgery on both his knees in … more

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Meet Grams!

gramsMeet Sweet Grams (as in Grandma)! She is a 12yr DSH tortoishell cat. Grams is a sweet seniorOnline fundraising for Meet Grams! but she is urinating inappropriately and because of her age needs bloodwork done to help the vets make sure she is not going through any stages of illness that we cannot see.

Grams needs what is called a Core Health blood panel. Can you help us get Grams fully examined?


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Help Us Help Lia Mia!

liamia3 Lia Mia is one special girl! Online fundraising for Lia Mia's a special gal with a special dietShe is a very sweet 2yr old Terrier/Pit Mix that has a skin allergy and needs to be on a very special Hydrolized Protein diet. This diet means that she cannot tolerate any type of animal protein as a part of her food without side affects including skin irritation, furloss, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe itching. Because dogs do need protein ion their diet this food is the only option for … more

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UPDATE on Tallie! – Good News!

tallieOnline fundraising for Emergency surgery needed for Tallie! Donate ASAP!We have good news for Tallie! Austin Pets Alive was able to find a specialty surgery clinic to repair Tallie’s inguinal hernia and the cost is MUCH cheaper! We now only need $545 more dollars to get Tallie the surgery she needs! She is almost there but still needs YOU to help her! If Tallie’s hernia causes her problems again she could end up again in the emergency room with life threatening complications and a … more

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Quess and Quarry: Donate the Gift of Eyesight

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)Quess and Quarry are two unique siblings. They are a brother (solid grey) and sister (silver tabby) duo that were both born with a congenital abnormality called Eyelid Agenesis. The condition results in the lack of upper eyelid, usually the top outer corner, and causes eye lashed to rub the cornea. With no protective eyelid the cornea is constantly irritated and is very uncomfortable for the kittens.Online fundraising for Quess and Quarry: Donate The Gift of Sightmore

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Lucy the Lab

Online fundraising for Lucy the LabLucy’s owners have been living in two different states for work, and now Lucy may be without a home because the next move involves coming to Austin and a $400 pet deposit they cannot afford. Lucy is 10 yrs. old and has lived with them her whole life…we want to keep this family together! Can you help Lucy?Lucy lab

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Emergency Surgery needed ASAP for Tallie! Help save her LIFE!

tallieTallie needs YOUR help TODAY! Tallie is a now 7m old terrier mix that was born with an inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia’s are openings in the inguinal (inner thigh region) that allow blood vesselsOnline fundraising for Emergency surgery needed for Tallie! Donate ASAP! and nerves to pass through. They are normally non-life threatening but in Tallie’s case it is! APA repaired it once but the hernia returned. Because she was so small at the time, a second surgery was post-poned so she could grow and have a better chance at her body recovering from the surgery with more

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He Waited 720 Days…

We all have our own journey to finding that special someone. Mine was a little odd:

alpacino_frontI had heard the name “Al Pacino” in passing but hadn’t met him (the dog, not the actor, guys). I volunteered with puppies in the parvo clinic so I was a little distracted/preoccupied with the cuteness that is puppy, so for a while, that’s all there was to it.

When I was brought on board to manage APA!’s marketing, one of the first things I started doing was looking through our most visited pages, checking out where our … more

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