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New Volunteer Management System is Live!

Great news for APA! volunteers and team leaders! The new volunteer management system powered by Volunteer² is up and running!
There are several important reasons we have decided to move to this system, including:

Centralizing communications and scheduling systems (Vol² will replace Yahoo! Groups and Volunteer Spot)
Recognizing volunteers who make the biggest contributions of their time
More efficiently monitoring qualified candidates for upper-level dog behavior training
Collecting data required for grant applications

Here are some important links for accessing the new system:

Existing Volunteer Registration
New Volunteer Signup
Hours … more

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Help Lila get the spring in her step back!

lila3Meet sweet Lila and her floppy ear! Lila is a 10 month old German Shepard mix that has a luxated hip and needs orthopedic surgeryOnline fundraising for Help Lila get the spring in her step back! as soon as possible. She is doing well right now but her condition could become painful and we’d like for her to be on her road to recovery as soon as possible. Because she is still young she needs ton be able to run and jump and exercise … more

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Don’t be a Poo-petrator

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Dogs in Austin: 215,000 Dog poop in Austin: 100,000 pounds per day That’s 100,000 pounds of toxic material on the ground each day. When not disposed of properly, this toxic matter enters our waterways… and eventually our mouths. When you … Continue reading

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You can help keep Outkast with his mommy by helping to raise $300 for their apartment pet deposit.Outkast

Online fundraising for Outkast

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Thank you! Contribution Update Part 1

Thank you to all of the wonderful supporters who have donated money to help the homeless animals under the care of APA!.

Here is Part 1 of a brief update on how your money has saved lives.

Dolly is a senior lady with heart disease who has raised $100 of the $200 needed to buy her medications. She has started her medication and is doing well so far!

Leia was in need of behavior modification medications. She appeared friendly but would lash out at people even as … more

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Thank you! Contribution Update Part 2

This is a continuation of the “Thank you” Update for donors. Read Part 1 here.
Terry has severe environmental allergies and needs a safe medication to take long term. Dogs with on-going severe skin issues can be very difficult to adopt due to the cost associated with treatment. We’d like to provide Terry with the medication needed to help him and help ease adopters financial burden, ensuring that he stays in a happy forever home!


Lucky and Maximillano
maximilliano1  lucky1

Lucky and … more

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It’s Not Just a Bottle Baby Nursery

Birdie was no more than a few days old when she came to APA!.

At 76 grams and no larger than the palm of a hand, Birdie needed to stay nourished and warm.


Birdie was initially placed with a nursing mother, who gracefully took her in like family. Unfortunately, Birdie would not suckle from her “new mom” and her weight dropped too quickly for comfort.
“We try to have kittens nurse from mothers whenever we can,” APA! neonatal kitten program manager, Casandra Mensing, said.
Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) is a suitable substitute for a mother … more

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Nothing but the Best for Steve O!

Online fundraising for Potato and Venison anyone? Steve O says,

Meet Steve O! Steve O is an 8yr old, black and white DSH that has a taste for expensive food. Poor Steve O has had persistent skin issues that leave him itchy and scabby. His magical cure is a select protein diet that only consists of venison. APA needs to provide him with the Royal Canin Potato and Venison dry kibble. He will soon run out and needs a refill in the next few weeks. By donating just a few bucks you can help keep … more

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