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Help These Long Stay Shelter Dogs Get Healthy!

Currently Austin Pets Alive! has 8 dogs that are in need of orthopedic surgery. Meet 5 of them! You can read all about them and donate to their cause below. Each of these dogs is currently on pain management therapy regime and in a foster … Continue reading

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When Johnny Met Fluffy

Our childhood animal friends bring so much joy to our lives, creating fond memories that we think about well into adulthood.  As parents, we want to enrich our own children’s lives with the same companionship that comes from a family … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about the Taurus Prep Program

Aust in Pets Alive! has teamed up with Taurus Training and Doggy Play Day to bolster the visibility of their canine residents and provide additional support to families planning to adopt from APA!. “We foster happier families by helping them develop … Continue reading

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Stop the Cat Scratching Blues

Cat scratching is no surprise. It’s one of the ways cats communicate, it’s how they deal with excess energy and it’s how they maintain their nails. But if you’re a new kitty mom or dad looking for a cure to … Continue reading

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Adding a Cat to the Family

Imagine handing out treats and name tags at the front door of your home for your new cat and your resident pets. Imagine happy munches and friendly meows or woofs as they blend and bond instantly and forever. Then blink … Continue reading

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Snapshot of Your Compassion

You help give second chances to unweaned kittens, puppies with parvovirus, cats with ringworm and dogs that need behavioral support in Central Texas. You believe that no life should  be taken for granted and that the programs at APA! make … Continue reading

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Dog Park… or No Dog Park?

Dog parks can be a saving grace for some canine guardians living in close quarters. They may also be the wrong choice for your family. The next time you have to decide, “dog park or no dog park?” ask yourself the … Continue reading

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The Behavior Team needs YOUR help!

My name is Mike Kaviani, and I am the Dog Behavior Program Manager with Austin Pets Alive! Here at APA!, our dogs are offered progressive programs such as Play Group, one-on-one and group obedience training, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rough … Continue reading

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