Sponsor a Pet

Each animal costs us, on average, about $250 to spay/neuter, provide daily food, care, and shelter, and medically treat. We need your help to provide the very best care for each of the animals.

There are two ways that you can sponsor a pet through Austin Pets Alive!:

Sponsor any pet in our program: Sponsoring is easy. Just visit the list of dogs or cats, click on the animal that you would like to sponsor, and you’ll see a sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor an animal in our program who has extraordinary medical or behavioral expenses: See below for a list of these special sponsorship opportunities. Your donation today helps provide treatment to these and other pets in our program.



        Leilo is a beautiful 8yr old medium hair cat that APA rescued in mid October. Leilo has been hospitalized in the medical clinic for a lesion on his face. He has been on medications and has … Continue reading

Miss Kitty


Miss Kitty is an onery 10yr old Domestic Shorthair female that has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is due for a recheck test to make sure her dosing is correct and not needing to be adjusted. She is not a … Continue reading



Meet baby Tipsy. Tipsy is a 3month old Terrier Mix that was born with a congenital defect of her heart called a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). This means that the vessel between the pulmonary and aortic artery is open (patent). … Continue reading



To meet Dove is to fall in love! Dove is beautiful 2yr old Hound Mix that has not had a good Fall Season. Dove was found hit by not one, but two cars in a rural dove hunting community (hence … Continue reading

Rangel and Vin Diesel


              Both of these poor guys have recently had ultrasounds done on their hearts and both of them have been diagnosed with Pulmonic Stenosis. Pulmonic Stenosis is a condition where the blood cannot flow … Continue reading



Meet Lopez! Lopez is a 4yr old Australian Cattle Dog Mix that arrived at APA the beginning of August. Unfortunately┬áLopez has some pretty serious medical/orthopedic issues. Lopez was diagnosed with bilateral elbow arthritis and now, just this week, was diagnosed … Continue reading



Christopher is not in good shape right now and needs help quickly! He is a 3yr old Terrier Mix that was found on the side of the road and picked up by animal control. Since he was picked up Christopher … Continue reading