Sponsor a Pet

Each animal costs us, on average, about $250 to spay/neuter, provide daily food, care, and shelter, and medically treat. We need your help to provide the very best care for each of the animals.

There are two ways that you can sponsor a pet through Austin Pets Alive!:

Sponsor any pet in our program: Sponsoring is easy. Just visit the list of dogs or cats, click on the animal that you would like to sponsor, and you’ll see a sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor an animal in our program who has extraordinary medical or behavioral expenses: See below for a list of these special sponsorship opportunities. Your donation today helps provide treatment to these and other pets in our program.

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Meet Little Gideon! He is a very small dog but is having a big problem. Gideon, a 4.9lb,  10yr old chihuahua, is having what is called what is called paraphimosis. The tip of Gideon’s penis is exposed causing swelling and pain. Because Gideon … Continue reading

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Isn’t this dog adorable! He is a very sweet 6yr old Pomeranian/King Charles mix that was originally adopted in June of 2012 but just recently returned because sadly his owner just didn’t want him anymore. This is a bad situation for poor Twix … Continue reading

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Difficult Medical Cases


Currently Austin Pets Alive! has 9 dogs that are in need of orthopedic surgery. You can read all about them and donate to their cause below. Each of these dogs is currently on pain management therapy regime and in a foster home waiting for their … Continue reading

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Sweetie Needs Your Help!


Sweetie’s family has been hiding her in their apartment because they can’t afford the $400 pet deposit, but if they get caught they will get evicted. They adore Sweetie and have made sure she is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped, but … Continue reading

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Poor Roxanne! Her knees are messed up and she needs YOUR help! She has what is called bilateral luxating patellas which means her knee caps are moving in and out of place causing her discomfort and pain. Again, the only fix … Continue reading

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Lia Mia


Lia Mia is one special girl! She is a very sweet 2yr old Terrier/Pit Mix that has a skin allergy and needs to be on a very special Hydrolized Protein diet. This diet means that she cannot tolerate any type of animal … Continue reading

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Tallie needs YOUR help TODAY! Tallie is a now 7m old terrier mix that was born with an inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia’s are openings in the inguinal (inner thigh region) that allow blood vessels and nerves to pass through. They … Continue reading

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We need to help Madelyn! She is a 2.5yr old Terrier Mix that is already having knee issues! The ridges that keep the knee cap in place are worn down and are allowing the knee cap to move side to … Continue reading

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Louie is a very sweet 2yr old Pitty Mix. He is 60lbs of pure love and really enjoys human company. He truly is man’s best friend! We don’t know Louie’s history but he has a pellet in his head from … Continue reading

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Recently, you helped fund an important heart surgery for a playful 2-year-old pup named Anna. Anna still needs you. Her heart surgery, a PDA or Patent Ductus Arteriosus, surgery was performed on July 26th but not without complications. The surgeon … Continue reading

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Sheldon is a 1.5yr old retriever mix that has had skin issues since coming into the shelter. He has been diagnosed and treated for several skin conditions including ringworm and mange repeatedly but has not had resolution. The vets are now … Continue reading

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Meet sweet Shamrock. He is a 5yr old Chihuahua that has cataracts and is also diabetic. He is a very sweet pup and loves to snuggle but unfortunately he has had some bite incidents. Both of the times he bit … Continue reading

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