Sponsor a Pet

Each animal costs us, on average, about $250 to spay/neuter, provide daily food, care, and shelter, and medically treat. We need your help to provide the very best care for each of the animals.

There are two ways that you can sponsor a pet through Austin Pets Alive!:

Sponsor any pet in our program: Sponsoring is easy. Just visit the list of dogs or cats, click on the animal that you would like to sponsor, and you’ll see a sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor an animal in our program who has extraordinary medical or behavioral expenses: See below for a list of these special sponsorship opportunities. Your donation today helps provide treatment to these and other pets in our program.



                    Merlin just arrived to APA today and as you can see he is is bad shape! He has a broken femur and a broken pelvis and neither can heal without … Continue reading



Isn’t Rangel handsome! Rangel is a 1yr old Rottweiler/Shepard Mix that is always happy to say hello! He is a young, exuberant boy and loves to play with people and go out and expend some of his boundless energy! However … Continue reading



A few months ago Bruno was in need of a trial┬ámedication called Cyclosporine to help him with severe skin allergies. This medication can be costly and APA needed your help to get Bruno started with a trial course. The medication … Continue reading



Peggy is a very happy post-partum terrier mix living at the Town Lake Animal Center. When Peggy was rescued in June this year she had 10 puppies she was nursing! That’s a lot of puppy! Peggy was a great mom … Continue reading



Christopher is not in good shape right now and needs help quickly! He is a 3yr old Terrier Mix that was found on the side of the road and picked up by animal control. Since he was picked up Christopher … Continue reading



Meet Truman! Truman is a 1.5 Year Old Bulldog Mix that is 87 pounds of pure love and sloppy kisses! He is a big goofy dog that just loves to cuddle on the couch and follow his fosters around the … Continue reading



Meet the very dapper Topper! This sweet gentlemen is a 6yr old Lhasa Apso mix that loves playing with his 60lb house mates as well as laying in his fosters lap soaking up the love. Personality-wise, he’s affectionate, spunky, and … Continue reading



Klondike is the kind of dog who will steal your heart the moment you meet him. He is a sweet and loving companion for his Foster, and is just a little timid and shy. The unfortunate thing about Klondike is … Continue reading