Sponsor a Pet

Each animal costs us, on average, about $250 to spay/neuter, provide daily food, care, and shelter, and medically treat. We need your help to provide the very best care for each of the animals.

There are two ways that you can sponsor a pet through Austin Pets Alive!:

Sponsor any pet in our program: Sponsoring is easy. Just visit the list of dogs or cats, click on the animal that you would like to sponsor, and you’ll see a sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor an animal in our program who has extraordinary medical or behavioral expenses: See below for a list of these special sponsorship opportunities. Your donation today helps provide treatment to these and other pets in our program.

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Everyone loves Choco. Don’t you want to help his huge fan club raise the funds so that he always has the food he needs to support him through his skin issues and food allergies? We have to have prescription food … Continue reading

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Steamer is one of the oldest dogs under the care of Austin Pets Alive, at 13 years. When he came to us he showed signs of significant neglect including cataracts that were untreated for so long that he was left … Continue reading

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Bone has good days and bad days. Frequently he wakes up and just feels crummy. We would like to send off some of his blood to the lab and see if you can get some idea of what’s making him … Continue reading

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Aspen’s heart is seeking your heart’s kindness. Aspen is suffering from a condition called Pulmonic Stenosis. This condition causes a blockage in the heart and prevents blood from flowing through it the way that it is supposed to. Aspen’s family … Continue reading

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  We need to do bloodwork on this beautiful senior cat. She wants to do normal old lady things like make busicuits and gather yarn but instead she’s in misery! Please help us raise the funds to do bloodwork on … Continue reading

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Klondike is the kind of dog who will steal your heart the moment you meet him. He is a sweet and loving companion for his Foster, and is just a little timid and shy. The unfortunate thing about Klondike is … Continue reading

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We have this very sweet guy here who does not deserve to feel the pain he has felt in his first year of life. Gronk came to us on the edge of life, suffering from the Parvo virus. When Gronk … Continue reading

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Our poor boy Maxwell has a really terrible leg injury that is very simmilar to a torn ACL on a human. You may even know personally how painful this is. Well, Maxwell is very sweet and hides his pain for … Continue reading

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Sweet and cuddly Zing was born with eyelid agenesis, a rare defect that can occur in other animals, but is mostly found in cats. What is eyelid agensis? Zing was born without eyelids! What a life? The fur that grows above … Continue reading

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Sadie needs YOUR help! Poor Sadie is only 1 year old and already needs knee surgery! She is a little pup, so she likely tried to jump off of something and injured her knee in the process. Poor girl! She has a … Continue reading

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Boo Boo


Boo Boo needs our help! Boo Boo is a 4yr old, 14lb chihuahua mix that came to APA through the Austin Animal Center in November of 2014. Boo Boo has been undergoing treatment for itchy skin and furloss but all … Continue reading

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Roxanne was rescued Sept 4th 2014 and was previously diagnosed with a grade 3/4 luxated patella. She is a 3rd old Pit Mix. Sadly the only fix is a surgical repair of both knees. She is a young, 3.5yr old … Continue reading

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Sasha is a 5yr old Shar-Pei Mix that was rescued March 25th, 2014. Sasha adores being around people and she will often grace her loyal fans with a head bow so she can get a nice ear rub. No one … Continue reading

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Meet Deaven! Deaven is a wonderful 4yr old male pit mix. He is very friendly and loves to be around people. He was found as a stray, hit by a car,  but we feel he must have had a home … Continue reading

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