Sponsor a Pet

Each animal costs us, on average, about $300 to spay/neuter, provide daily food, care, and shelter, and medically treat. We need your help to provide the very best care for each of the animals.

There are two ways that you can sponsor a pet through Austin Pets Alive!:

Sponsor any pet in our program: Sponsoring is easy. Just visit the list of dogs or cats, click on the animal that you would like to sponsor, and you’ll see a sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor an animal in our program who has extraordinary medical or behavioral expenses: See below for a list of these special sponsorship opportunities. Your donation today helps provide treatment to these and other pets in our program.



Luna is a beautiful 62 pound Weimeraner Mix that has been living at the Town Lake Animal Center with APA since February 2016. Sadly Luna was surrendered to the Austin Animal Center because her owners were having a baby and … Continue reading



You may remember Raven from previous posts. Raven had a congenital heart defect that was detected several months ago when she was a tiny puppy. Raven was born into the care of Austin Pets Alive with pulmonic stenosis,  an obstruction of … Continue reading



Quinn is TINY at only 5.75pounds! Little Quinn is a new arrival at APA. She was transferred to APA on July 15th after being tagged as “at risk” for euthanasia because of a dislocated hip. Quinn is requiring an FHO … Continue reading

Big Boy


Look at that pose! Big Boy is such a ham trying to work it to find his forever home! Big Boy is an 8yr old Pit Mix that was owner surrendered to animal control officers while out in the city. … Continue reading



After having gone to Texas A&M for a 2nd heart surgery on May 6th we just recently found out that the surgery was not successful. Tipsy is 11 months old and has now undergone 2 surgeries this year to repair … Continue reading



Poor Epstean! Epstean is a 5yr old Terrier/Boxer mix that came to us, saved from euthanasia, with a large golf-ball sized tumor at the front of his lower mandible. Amazingly he was eating well and loving life despite what must … Continue reading