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Cats' Locations

The cat locations change weekly, so check back regularly for updates. We also have adoption events every weekend, so please check our adoption events page for dates and locations. If the cat you want to meet is not in this list, send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Town Lake Animal CenterDaily


Cats Attending: Ali Cat, Amy, Athena, Bessie, Bianca, Cali, Cash, Christy, Cliff, Dusty, Fiery, Fluffy, Gloria, Gus, Hardy,Hercules, Jimmy, Katharina, Kia, Lavender, Lily, Miss Kitty, Mr. Gray, Norman, Orange Crush, Pebbles, Precious, Sally, Scamper, Shadow, Shamrock, Spot, Sunkist, Thalia, Tracy, Trevor, Toby, Yukon Cornelius, Zena, Arda, Blueberry, Rocky, Tabbitha, Annabelle, Dolly, Helena, Ileana, Jones, Loves, Maybelle, Montgomery, Napoleon, Star, Thomas, Tony

51st and Mueller PetsmartDaily

M-F 6-8pm; Sat 3-6pm; Sun 12-4pm

Cats Attending: Beth, George, Freckles, Miss Kitty

Balcones PetsmartDaily

M-F 4-8pm; Sat 12-6pm; Sun 12-4pm

Cats Attending: Odin, Bobbi Sox, Tanya, Spot

Lakeline PETCODaily

M-F 3-6pm; Sat 12-6pm; Sun 12-2pm

Cats Attending: Billy Jean, Jake, Sweetheart ,Van Halen, Chris, Lizzy, Bianca, Kia, Precious,Katharina

Lakeline PetsmartDaily

M-F 6-8pm; Sat 12-6pm; Sun 2-4pm

Cats Attending: Frankie, Serendipity, Cali, Little One

Petco Hancock CenterDaily

M-F 3-6pm; Sat 12-6pm; Sun 12-4pm

Cats Attending: Ragtime, Gloria, Domingo

Pet Supplies PlusDaily

M-F 4-8, Sat 12-6, Sun 12-4

Cats Attending: Alice, Bubbalicious, Nighthawk, Boogie, Lucius ,Elvis, Lilith, Tracy, Xena

Sunset Valley PetCoDaily

M-F 4-8pm; Sat 12-6pm; Sun 12-4pm

Cats Attending: Tortie, Ashley, Dixie, Gracie, Bruiser, Tony, Amy, Sunkist, Fiery

TarryTown Adoption CenterDaily

Daily 12-7pm

Cats Attending: Twenty One, Trooper, Pizza, Beer, Midnight, Marilyn/Peanut, Alice, Sam, Sheba, Jem, Furline, Carmella.