Dogs at Site Today

Dogs' Locations for Monday, April 27, 2015

The dogs' locations change daily. Check back here mid-late morning on the day you want to visit a particular dog. Not all of our dogs go to adoptions sites everyday because many of them are in foster homes. If the dog you want to meet is not in this list, send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

TarryTown Dog Adoption Center


Dogs Attending: Appaloniuous, Barnum, Betsy, Chloe, Cisco, Drew, Fizz & Frisky, Jensen & Zachary & Silas, Kahlua, Kevin, Lemondrop, Mickey, Miley, Pablo, Paul, Rufus, Storm & Thunder, Yolonda

Town Lake Animal Center


Dogs Attending: Angel, Angus, Baby, Banjo, Batman, Beauty, Bonnie Bella, Bria, Brooklyn, Bruno Mars, Bubba, Carla, Celeste, Chester, Chino Boy, Choco, Choko Bell, Chuck, Cooper, Darcy, Dawn, Derek, Elmer, Esmeralda, Freckles, Gracie, Gizmo, House, Johnny, Joy, King, Malcolm, Marty, Mattie, Maximillion, Melvin, Mitch, Mona, Nakia, Nala, Parker, Phantom, Reno, Rock It, Rosie, Roxy, Sam, Santana, Savannah, Shelby, Stevie, Tido, Toughguy, Winnie, Albert, Babette, Bailey, Bone, Brendan, Brock, Butter, Captain, Catfish & Platy & Guppy & Tetra & Angel Fish & Betta, Chachi, Chiquita, Chunkster, Conway Twitty, Diesel, Dior, Ducati & Suzuki, Flygirl, Finn, Finnick, Fonzi & Coltrane, Franklin, Halo, Hubba, Icey, Jester, Lacey, Lassie, Lil Bear & Coco, Marie, Momma Florrie, Nugget, Peanut, Remus, Romeo, Roscoe, Ruby, Sasha, Sissy, Snoopy, Sprinkle Dust, T-bone & Clifford, Tugg, Ackley, Ajax, Aloo, Axel, Biscuit, Boss, Buck, Butch Boy, Carson, Casa, Cassanova, Cruiser, Debo, Diego, Drumstick, Dudley, Elle, Fernando, Forrest Gump, Froyo, Guinness, Heidi, Jax, Jimmy Chew, Lexx, Lilac, Lotis, Loverboy, Lucky, Manchas, Marcus, Max, Mcallister, Mercury, Ms. Boe, Nelson, Nigel, Oliver, Oscar, Perla, Rex, Rico, Roger Roger, Rusty Sledge, Slate, Sorullo, Spot, Sugar Bear, Tolliver, Trent, Tulip, Tyler, Viking, Warren Hood, William, Willie, Wilson