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Kids Want a Puppy for Christmas? Consider Fostering

As long as kids have written letters to Santa, they’ve written letters to Santa asking for puppies. What kid wouldn’t want a puppy?! Puppies are so cute, so cuddly and so much work. Perhaps before you consider adopting a puppy … Continue reading

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Maggie and the Barker’s Dozen

Maggie and the crew have had a great week.  All of the pups and mom are feeling good and enjoying life.  Really enjoying life.  Maggie has been trying to demonstrate the fine art of ball fetching to the pups.  None … Continue reading

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Fosters becoming famous!

Maggie and the barker’s dozen had a great week! Cricket is doing great and shows no signs of a limp or of any problems at all with the leg. Big head scratcher as to what had her limping in the … Continue reading

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Fun at the Farmer’s Market

APA! held its first adoption event at the downtown Austin Farmer’s Market today. Lauren, Jenalou, and I were the main volunteers, and Ryan, Sarah, and Meg all stopped by to visit. It was a blast. And totally insane in a … Continue reading

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A “grueling” week with Maggie and the dirty dozen

It has been a while since we have posted because we have been busy!  But there’s lots to update, so this will be a long post.  Last Sunday was a true dog day of summer.  A great morning at an … Continue reading

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Phoenix 8-9-2008

Hi All, You are going to be so happy to hear that we think Phoenix is seeing some stuff. He will trace your finger, he seems to see people as they approach, and he was able to follow the light … Continue reading

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The joys of fostering

I don’t know who (if anyone) is reading this blog, but it dawned on me that our posts about the dozen pups we are fostering might actually be scaring people who hadn’t fostered but were considering it. Tales of middle … Continue reading

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Day 3 with the barker’s dozen

Momma dog and all 12 pups are still doing great. Night 3 was a good night for all. Momma is continuing to feed the Runt by herself and she seems to be thriving. The rest of the gang is doing … Continue reading

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