Animal Advisory Commission

by epjdog • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

The Austin City Council approved the resolution to broaden the scope of the Animal Advisory Commission (AAC).  This is good news for Austin because the AAC’s purview was limited to advising on sanitation and animal control officer continuing education.

Now, the AAC is charged with researching the best model cities for No Kill strategies.  By July, they must make recommendations to the City Council for changes that could increase the live release rate at our Town Lake Animal Center based on that research.

This is an exciting opportunity for Austin and there will likely be many less pets killed each year because of this.

Austin Pets Alive! is thrilled to have 2 members on the Animal Advisory Commission (Ellen Jefferson and Palmer Neuhaus) so that APA! can contribute life saving ideas and ensure we are right in line with Austin’s progress.

Thank your council members today!

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