Chloe, The Furry Wonder!

by rhonda • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising

Check me out! I have gone through a major fur growing transformation and I want to show you just how good I look.


Chloe is currently overcoming a skin condition known as demodex manage. When she was picked up at TLAC, her skin was in horrible condition and she had a secondary infection. She basically had no fur and her skin was extremely irritated.

She has now undergone treatments of antibiotics and baths every other day for a couple of weeks.

Her hair is growing and Chloe will be going to the groomer soon to help with the process of combing out the matted fur to aid in the treatment of her skin.

Her foster Mom reports that Chloe’s fur is beginning to bloom and so is her personality. She has a really sweet nature, enjoys being out with other dogs and has become a little “sassy”. Chloe is approximately 1 year old and will be ready for the debut in her new home very soon.

Now we just need your help with Chloe’s treatments. Please donate and help raise the $200 that will make Chloe the glowing blossom of fur she is meant to be.

(Thank you, everyone! We’ve received enough donations to cover Chloe’s expenses.)

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