Foster Cats Get Attention With Blogs

by dixie • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Here at APA! we have a growing number of foster parents who are using the full force of the internet to promote their foster cats and find them forever homes.

Potential adopters find it difficult to really understand the personality of a cat from a short bio and a couple of pictures so these foster parents have taken their cats to the next level – BLOGS. And it’s working!

Here are a few available and recently adopted cats and their blogs:

This two year old boy, Joseph, was hit by a car and dropped off at Town Lake Animal Center. APA! took him in and although he cannot use his front paw, he’s a loveable, friendly cat ready for a home. His blog chronicles his interactions with the other cats in the house, his adventures at adoption events and bath time (which makes for cute pictures but not necessarily a pleased kitty).

Tundra, the lush white wonder cat, who you read about earlier, has her own blog as well featuring the many peculiar personality traits and happenings of her every day life.

Moo the kitten was recently adopted last December but his foster mom still has his blog up on the web. The blog follows Moo’s journey back to health after being temporarily blinded by an eye infection.

I have to admit bias here. Houdini, this adorable year old brown tabby, is my foster cat and I can’t help showing her off. This blog has already gained so much interest in Houdini that she has a wait list! Houdini came to me sick with an upper respiratory infection and had to get better first otherwise I doubt I would have had this amazing cat with me more than a day.

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