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We received this email from a brand new foster yesterday. We wanted to share it because it perfectly illustrates what we see with so many of the pets at TLAC who behave badly under all of the stress.

jambo“I noticed something about Jambo the moment we got to the Town Lake. He is very special. He had no inclination to get up when the lady opened his cage. He just let out a little squeaky meow, the sound of a Siamese cat.

Throughout the process of picking him up, he was referred to as “mean”. Of course I don’t know what happened before, but this gentle giant stayed silent in his carrier, from when he came out of his cage to when we got in the car.

I opened his box to check on him and he stared up with these big beautiful eyes and let out another squeaky meow. Not a peep after. Got him to the vet to get checked out, nothing.

Finally get him home and open his carrier and he pops his head up taking in the new smells. The clean smells :) He jumped out and cautiously walked around.

I thought I would try feeding him and he came right over next to me and sat down to eat. He had no problem being pet while eating either. I showed him the litter box, and he literally went right in and used it. I was amazed. He went back a second time about an hour later, all by himself.

He is very intrigued with the fish tanks we have, and sits if front of them staring for long periods of time. I let him explore his room and was watching TV, and he hopped up right next to me and looked for a few seconds, then settled into my lap like he’d been doing it for years.

This kitty actually wags his tail faster than any cat I know, and if he’s sitting on the couch with you, you will feel the thumping like a little dog.

This morning I woke up to let him out of his crate, and he immediately pushed his head into my lap,  and headbutted repeatedly.

He’s a totally different cat than yesterday. He followed me around while getting ready for work, and sat on the bath rug staring at me. He even perched on the toilet to get a closer look. :)

Today, I can’t imagine this boy as mean. I can’t wait to see him blossom with the love and care that he so badly needs and deserves. Thank you again, and I look forward to updating you on his progress.”

Thank you to this new foster who took the leap to foster a cat and save a life. And thank you to our rescue volunteer who could see through his stress at the shelter and worked hard to find a foster for him.

You can follow Jambo’s journey from TLAC euth list to fabulous new home by reading the blog his foster mom has created for him.

PS. Jambo is available for adoption!

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