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When Joey came into the Austin Pets Alive program, our vet team noticed that he had very weak back legs.  He went into foster care in hopes that he could recover and regain strength in his legs, but that does not appear to be happening on it’s own.  The vet team has diagnosed Joey with a degenerative joint disease that most likely is contributed to by an old injury.  To stay comfortable, Joey will need to take Cosequin once daily for life.  Will you help us with the expenses of his medication?

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  1. Tara Micasays: January 25, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    I normally foster kitties for APA! but am unable to for a few months because of business travel. I’m donating to Joey what I would normally spend on food/toys for my fosters this week. I hope you find out what’s going on with his hind legs. He’s a handsome boy who has the same wide eyes as Ms. Rietta, who we adopted from APA! last year.