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I admit it, I have a thing for plus size felines which is why I can’t resist this plump marshmallow of a cat, Melvin.

The first time I met Melvin was at one of our catteries. See, Melvin’s a bit of a shy guy so he went to the cattery so more potential adopters could see him.

All the cats were out and running around the little room next to the cattery chasing feather toys and tackling each other. Melvin trotted over to the bench where I was sitting and looked down on all the other cats from his perch. Melvin’s only about a year and a half old but he’s not into the rough and tumble play like a kitten is. Melvin didn’t enjoy all the commotion but he was so sweet. He dug his little head into my side so I could pet him. I could tell he was a big snuggle bug.

What struck me most were his vivid emerald green eyes and his thick plush gray and white fur. He’s a quiet, observant cat who likes to feel protected and loved.

His foster says “he loves to sleep on the bed, check out TV on the couch and look at the birds outside the window.” Melvin seems to get along well with other kitties so long as they give him some personal space. He would be a good companion for an older cat who wouldn’t want a rambunctious kitten around because he’s pretty mellow.

If you’d like to learn more about Melvin and even give him a forever home check out his profile.

3 Responses to "Melvin"

  1. Aj DeBeesays: January 6, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Melvin was adopted yesterday!!!! We started fostering Melvin a little over a month ago, and we knew right away – he wasn’t like other foster kitties. He didn’t hiss at our cats — he walked right up and made friends immediately, even with our older ornery female! When some of our foster kittens came out of quarantine, he ran up to them to play and show them around, and make them feel at home.

    His deep green eyes and squishy fur and adorable, high-pitched ‘mew’ just stuck with us; when we got back after Christmas, seeing him at home just felt so right, and we knew he was staying.

    He loves being in a home that has foster kitties and fleece blankets and a bed, and he’s so helpful with my schoolwork! He stole our hearts. Thank you, APA!, for your patience with Melvin, and for waiting until he found where he belonged.

  2. Krista Colesays: January 6, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Congratulations Melvin!

  3. Janetsays: January 6, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Congratulations Melvin’s Mommy! he stole my heart just from photos and words. I have a big snuggly boy who is a rescue who I love so deeply. He came to us almost 10 years ago and claimed us immediatley. We named him Vincent because his life on the street had cost him one of his ears. he is the happiest cat I have ever seen. There is nothing like doing something good and getting rewarded wildy for it!