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When I first met Nugget I knew there was something special about him.  Peering through the glass at Austin Animal Center I knew there was something special about this feral (labeled RED) four month old little pup.  I saw him for who he was going to be, a cute little puppy, not the scared one who wouldn’t allow anyone to come near him.

A few days later when he was at APA! I decided to take him into my home.  The first few days he opened up and became comfortable around some doggie friends.  It was much easier for him to make these relationships that those with people. It took weeks for me to be able to touch him without a snarl.  Even still he chooses to run most of the time when someone reaches for him.

He has become increasingly worried of new people and situations and as a dog trainer myself I know that he will need continued training to become a dog who is well balanced and happy.  While he seems like a happy puppy some of the time he is often terrified and shaking in his own skin.  If we can do something to help this I think he could live a much better life.

What Nugget needs now is a class at The Canine Center called Tricks and Triumphs.   It helps dogs gain self confidence and learn how to function around other people, dogs, and sounds-all of which are scary to Nugget.

Please consider helping fund the training Nugget needs to become a happy dog!

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