Project Rescue: Meet Fannie

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes, Rescue

Fannie would like to introduce you to a new web series that Austin Pets Alive! is producing — Project Rescue. Each week, we’ll highlight a dog who is looking for their perfect forever home. This week, that dog is Fannie!

Fannie is affectionate, a bit silly and house-trained. She’s good with kids, but not a big fan of cats and other dogs.

Fannie would also like to introduce you to her friend Cassie. Cassie is the matchmaker at Austin Pets Alive!, and she’s here to make sure you find just the right dog for your home and family when you’re ready to adopt.

“Cassie is the matchmaker for APA! and has been a vital element in helping so many dogs get connected to their current families,” says Faith Wright, Austin Pets Alive! Operations Manager. “Cassie takes the time to talk with each family about what they are looking for and works very hard at making sure she shows them the animals that meet their needs. Without Cassie, many of our dogs may not be in their forever homes!”

If you’re looking for a dog to enjoy long hikes and jogging adventures with, Cassie and all of our wonderful adoption counselors can help you find the right fit. A dog who’s good with kids? One who likes to cuddle on the couch to watch movies? One who just needs a break and a loving home? Cassie and the full Dog Adoption Program staff are here to help you find that special someone. Maybe that special someone is Fannie…