by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising, Pets Needing Homes

Here’s a dog that loves to play. Quick to stare sweetly into your eyes, Ralphy will try to hitch a ride in your arms – or, if not in the mood, he will run off and wink at you.  Charming, funny, friendly and well-behaved, Ralphy is a gorgeous white and brindle-colored Chihuahua mix with a low to moderate energy level. He will run around and play chase or fetch and clown around, but, for the most part, he enjoys taking long breaks and short strolls with lots of sniffing. He loves his treats and chewing on food -related toys. Pretty much, if food is involved, he wants to be involved!

Ralphy has heartworms and is in need of treatment.  Please consider a donation towards his treatment that will make him not only feel better, but also easier to adopt into a loving home.  Thank you!