Scully the Senior

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To help ensure that senior pup Scully gets the treatments he currently needs and may require ongoing, and that he has a chance of living out his golden years surrounded by love and happiness, please consider donating below. From all of us at APA!, thank you for supporting the hurting and forgotten pets who need our help the most.

More details on Scully’s story are included below.

*Any funds raised in excess of those needed for Scully’s recovery will be applied to other APA! animals in need.

Scully’s Story: 

A sweet senior pup in urgent need of attention has just entered the care of Austin Pets Alive!. The images and details of this story are difficult to share, but it’s pets like these that APA! feels a powerful and urgent need to help.

Eight-year-old Scully had to be carried into our facility because he is not strong enough to walk by himself. He was brought to Brush County Animal Advocates, who quickly realized that the pup needed to be transferred to APA! as soon as possible. Scully’s emaciated figure is jarring and heartbreaking, and while we cannot completely confirm his background or experience, there is a high probability that he became so malnourished at the hands of humans. Typically, stray dogs can fend for themselves to some degree – they can rummage for food that would keep them from this extreme starvation. We’ve also run a series of medical tests to see if there is an underlying cause for Scully’s condition, and none has been found.

Right now, Scully is on a strict feeding schedule to avoid the dangers of Refeeding Syndrome. The good news is that every time Scully is offered food, he accepts it willingly and gobbles it up! We’re also happy to report that on the heels of Scully receiving his initial medical assessments, he was promptly transferred into the loving home of an experienced foster. Scully expresses much kindness towards humans and has been very loving, as if humans have never done him wrong.

Scully will continue to be monitored and cared for through the coming weeks as he is reintroduced to eating regularly. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress as there may be additional difficulties that arise due to this level of nutrition abuse.