Sweet Momma and Pups Get Second Chance

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Rescue

dixie_tlacMeet Dixie and her babies!  She and her pups were recently surrendered to the shelter by their owner because a neighbor complained that she was starving.  She started out with six white and tan puppies, all around 4 weeks old.  One has since died, though the rest have been given a second chance, thanks to our incredible volunteers and foster parents.  (A special thanks to Steve!)

Dixie is almost a puppy herself, at around a year old, and she loves to play.  She is a very diligent mother though is looking forward to getting her pre-baby body back and finding her new family.

With some medicine, nourishing food, and lots of love, this mother and pups now have more than a fighting chance to grow into the healthy and loving family members they want to be.  We are dedicated to getting them well and then finding them the loving homes they deserve.

We also welcome and appreciate contributions that help us to provide medical care to rescued animals such has these.  We pull them never knowing what medical conditions they may have though are ready to provide them with the care they need to be healthy again.

4 Responses to "Sweet Momma and Pups Get Second Chance"

  1. mirandasays: January 13, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Thank God that Austin pets alive rescue dixie and her puppies before they will be killed austin pets alive is awsome thank austin pets alive.

  2. Julie Eskoffsays: March 23, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Good day APA,
    I just had to reply and brag on my puppy Pearl who is one of Dixie’s puppies. I adoted her from the Lakeline location on the first day of her arrival. I am a trainer at that location and wanted to own, love, and train another bully breed such as the one I adopted from you in May of 2008 (Kevin) who is now the famed “Moby” AKC Good Canine Citizen and my demo dog for training at PetsMart. Pearl is turning out to be full of life, love, energy and good will. She is the funniest dog and I literally have been silly with joy in watching her work her way through the world. Training her has been a breeze as she had such an amazing start from the foster care she received from Emily in your APA program. Thank you Emily and Holly for putting in front of me the best dogs I have ever owned and trained. I am devotee of APA and look forward to how I may be of any assistance. Be blessed you deserve it.