Thank you to so many!

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Outreach, Partnerships

The following was written and submitted by APA! dog volunteer, Leora Orent:

I volunteer at Austin Pets Alive! about 5 times a week. I spend my time there with the dogs and there is plenty to do to care for them: taking them on walks, cleaning their kennels, changing their water, making sure their bedding is clean, and much more. But most of all letting them feel that they are loved and will not be forgotten any more.

LeoraOrentThese dogs are cared for just about as much as volunteers care for the dogs we have at home. We get very attached. The shelter dogs are like a second family to us.

So you can imagine that we also want the dogs to have a safe and comfortable house while they are in transition at APA!. Living in a shelter is hard enough; we need the shelter to have sound construction, safe doors, good paint and proper temperature control for the Austin seasons.

Recently we were in much need of repairs in many of these areas and some very generous and big hearted, compassionate local companies came forward and helped APA!This was no small feat.; there was a lot to do and it would have been prohibitive for a non-profit like APA! to afford all that work.

I am personally very touched. And so are all the staff and volunteers very grateful for these companies who came forward out of the goodness of their hearts. Their caring means a better home for the dogs that are loved so much.

So, on behalf of myself and my APA! family, thank you Deville Construction, Bailey Elliot Construction, Radiant Plumbing, Aus-Tex Building Consultants,, The PaintDrop, Junior Coronado and Collier Law.