The Grace and Goodness of George Oscar Bleuth

by JessiFreud • Posted in: Special Needs Pets

George Oscar Bleuth, better known as G.O.B. to his foster dad and fan club, is a ball of black perfection and a special medical case that proves that Tender-Love-and-Care and a bit of veterinary expertise is indeed a life-saving combination.

G.O.B. was brought into our program to receive treatment for a broken back he suffered after being hit by a car. But, that has had absolutely no affect on his natural enthusiasm and love of life. G.O.B.’s future was not always so filled with hope though. Plucked from the euthanasia table just minutes before his time was up, G.O.B.’s opportunity to shine was just moments from being over.

George Oscar Bleuth (G.O.B.)

G.O.B. strikes a pose

“When I brought this sweet boy back from San Antonio I was nearly in tears the whole time. Broken back, pulled straight out of the line for euthanasia. But as I drove with him sitting next to me in the front passenger seat, he scooted closer and closer, wrapped his arms around my arm to hang on, and let the air conditioner blow on his ears while he slept peacefully,” said Faith Wright, our Animal Programs director, as she reflected on the day G.O.B. was saved. “He made me realize what true strength and spirit is.”

There is no doubt a lot of fight in this little guy. He has a sophisticated and enduring spirit and does not let his injury get him down one bit. Once we got him, he was fitted for a wheelchair and immediately enrolled in physical therapy. He hasn’t stopped wiggling since. Those that have seen him cruise by in his wheelchair are shocked at how fast he is! He can go anywhere and do almost anything. And, that includes going to any home that is ready to appreciate a unique dog with a one-of-a-kind zest for life.

This month, we are featuring G.O.B. so everyone can see all he has to offer a future family. G.O.B. loves all people and other dogs, and probably cats too. The several times he has graced the cat building with his presence, he hasn’t seemed to mind the kitties in the least. He is also housetrained, a car-riding enthusiast, and a napping savant.

While we are still unsure of what a “full” recovery looks like for G.O.B., his regular therapy sessions are helping him continue to improve and he is regaining feeling in his back legs, as well as building up muscle mass. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy, our medical team can talk through his conditions and recovery one-on-one with you.

G.O.B. embodies the best of qualities of dogs: grace and goodness, even when life makes it not so easy. Help G.O.B. find his people this month by sharing his story with your friends and family.  You can also help by donating towards the cost of his wheelchair and therapy sessions.

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