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Tundra says hello!This luxurious fluff ball will sure to keep you warm all winter long. Meet Tundra, a loving affectionate 3 year old looking for her forever home.

She has already won over the heart of her foster mom. “She really is a phenomenal cat and great companion. She’s fine being left alone during the day when I’m at work and is happy just being close to you when you can’t give her your undivided attention.”

How can you resist her beautiful white coat and that bushy gray tail? Tundra will love you if you just give her a few soft pets and she always wants to be close to you. She’s not a demanding sort of cat. Tundra will be perfectly content curled up beside you where ever you’re sitting. When you do give her your undivided attention she’ll happily return the favor with little licks on your hand.

Tundra being observant

She’s also curious and interested in whatever is going on in the house. As for playing, Tundra is getting the hang of it, according to her foster mom. “For Christmas, we gave her some toys and she couldn’t really figure out what to do with them so instead of pawing at them and chasing them, she would sit on them like she was laying eggs. She’s finally getting a better idea of what she’s supposed to do with them and more of her playful side is coming out. It still makes me laugh when I think about how confused she was about them and then just sat on her toys.”

Learn more about Tundra and find out how to adopt her by visiting her profile.

Tundra is sleepy
Tundra is a lazy cat

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