Update on Adopted Cats

by dixie • Posted in: Adoptions, Where are they now

These two wonderful cats were adopted in the past couple of weeks and their new families were kind enough to send us a little update on them:

“Claudio is a healthy and happy kitty. Claudio has been a pleasure to bring into our home. He hasn’t destroyed anything, hasn’t peed on/in anything but his litter box.

He felt right at home since the moment we brought him home. He never hid from us or anything else.

He began playing right away after a quick inspection of the house, and sleeps comfortably right in the middle of the floor. He cuddles with us on the sofa or in bed. He a good kitty.

I have been letting everyone know where i got the kitty and how great a job you guys do.”

“She is doing great! As soon as we got to my place and let her out of the pet carrier not only was she stoked for that but started exploring the place. She didn’t hide or show any kind of fear, so we let her do her thing for a bit and then she started to come to us for comfort. We stayed up till 2am playing with her and all her new toys and slept in the bed with me. I will continue to update you on her if you like, I’m sure she misses you already. Thanks again! And I hope your allergies are getting better now.”

You might remember that Houdini was my foster cat. It’s been 5 days and I’m still sniffly and sneezing. Cat allergies are the worst!

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