Adopt an Elder Statesman!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

It bears mentioning that this post didn’t stem from just a cute idea to feature the old men of APA!.  It started by some volunteers talking about their favorite dogs and realizing that quite a few of them had, you know, a lot of life experience under their belts.  The dogs you’re about to read about are really nothing short of amazing. 

They have all of those wonderful qualities that come with age; wisdom, lots of stories to tell, the ability to see someone’s character before they’ve even opened their mouth, and an easy grace and know-how that only experience can give.  If you open your home to one of these special dogs, you’ll be getting a true lifetime companion who will never let you down nor fail to make you smile.

Davey, the happy silver streaked face in the first photo, is as perfect as dogs can come.  He’s calm, affectionate, and even patient.  Davey comes to our site on Lady Bird Lake regularly where he walks the trail with everyone from young runners to families happy we have a dog easy and gentle enough to take out on the trail with their children.  He’s so well-behaved at adoption sites that he doesn’t attract a lot of attention.  He waits quietly for adopters to finish awwwing at the cute, rambunctious little puppies, hoping that one will finally be the person who takes him home.  We hope so too, sweet Davey.

Clyde, the irresistable rottie face with the speckled tongue, is our resident black bear.  There is almost nothing better than snuggling next to Clyde, soaking up some sun on a beautiful, cool day.  It’s made even better by the deep, contented sighs Clyde gives, and the way he nuzzles your hand for just one more ear scratch.  Clyde hasn’t had it easy.  He was found tied to another dog in the median of I-35 before making his way to APA! from the scary “list” at TLAC.  Our rescue team saw Clyde’s quiet intelligence, gentle humor, and wonderful spirit and brought the staff and volunteers of APA! our very own black bear to snuggle.  Clyde is waiting for his person to see those things too.

Harvey!  Harvey is somewhat of an anomaly.  He lived for 12 years with the same family but never had a name.  And then, after 12 years, he was dropped at the local kill shelter.  He’s even more of an anomaly because, after the complete lack of love and loyalty shown to him, he still possesses both of those things in spades.  He has a name now, and scores of volunteers who love and value him.  Since joining our program, little Harvey is yet to meet a stranger or a person he doesn’t have a big smile and charming case of the wiggles for.  We love this little dog with the indomitable spirit and we hope you will too!

To meet one of the amazing gentlemen featured above, email email hidden; JavaScript is required, visit our website to see which part of town will be graced by their charming presence each day, or click on their names for more information!

Photo 1 – Davy by Summer Huggins

Photo 2 – Clyde by Carolyn Yaschur

Photo 3 – Harvey by Summer Huggins

7 Responses to "Adopt an Elder Statesman!"

  1. Summersays: February 18, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Such handsome and sweet gentlemen, each one!

  2. Annsays: February 20, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    My sister and I went to APA three weeks ago in search of a senior, having lost our own beloved senior several months before. We were introduced to Xena, another who had made the TLAC “scary” list. APA rescued her, making her available to come home with us. Xena just wanted a home, as do Clyde, Davey and Harvey! I encourage everyone to check out the seniors while searching for a new pet. I know we won’t have Xena for a long, long time, but what she will lack in quantity we will make up in quality!

  3. Time Houndsays: February 20, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    My what handsome, good looking elders. Any one of these should be welcomed into a loving home. Older dogs are best, as trainers for younger dogs; by teaching by example, of good manners and social skills. No dog should be without a home, no matter what their age.

  4. Andysays: February 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Ann, thank you for adopting Xena. I picked her up from TLAC originally; she was frightened but so anxious to make a connection with someone. Thanks for opening up your home to such a sweet, deserving dog.

  5. Summersays: February 23, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Ohh, Ann, I love to hear that Xena is getting the “quality” she deserves. There was a group of us sitting out in the yard and talking the day that you and your sister were walking Xena, and I for one was hoping we were seeing magic happen when y’all were spending time with her. Congrats on bringing her fuzzy love into your home!

  6. Ann Fowlersays: June 14, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Xena continues to flourish. She has learned how to “sit” — often on command! She loves her twice-daily walks, the games we play with her, and the doggy door that allows her to enjoy the outdoors or come inside and enjoy the air conditioning! And, like all dogs, she can tell time, waiting patiently by the gate for one of us to return. Cars are good things, as they mean trips to great walking places like Town Lake! And she has learned to sit and look at the window during her rides. Aah, life is good for this sweet old gal. Thank you, Andy and APA!, for giving Xena a second chance.