Another Happy Adopter Sends Us an Update

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Little Bear, Olivia and OliverLucy and Oliver (now Olivia and Ollie) were lucky enough to go to their forever home together only a couple of weeks ago. Their adopter wanted a companion for her other cat, Little Bear, after her older cat passed away.

Olivia and Ollie’s new family sent us some great notes as to how the new orange tabby trio is getting along.

Day 1:
Both were very good about getting their bath – my friend Robin held them as I washed them with kitten shampoo, then rinsed and toweled them dry. They both have explored the apartment and are right at home. Ollie has already been on my bed as if he has always slept there. He also loves the top of the couch. Olivia is sleeping in the cat carrier which I left open to her as a safe place. They both ate and went in the box.  YEAH!  Their favorite toy is the round track that has a ball inside it – they both know how to make the ball go around and around.

Little Bear is still hissing and wandering around like he doesn’t know which way is up.   Olivia hissed back the most – Ollie is pretty easy going. I think he has weaning issues though – he likes to pummel me and purr – it is like he wants his mommy.  They both have enjoyed lots of love from me so far. I am hoping that tomorrow or the next day, they will all just all get along and the hissing will be done.  They are so sweet.

Day 2:
A sleepless night for me – kittens slept in my bed, Little Bear was upset.  Little Bear played guard at the door entrance but they got past him and that was the end of him wanting to be in the room. Kittens climbed everywhere and wanted to play at 4:00 am.

Today was much better. Kittens act like they own the place. More favorite toys. Little Ollie slept a lot in my bed this afternoon – like 3 straight hours. He woke up and was ready to play. Ms. Olivia, however, doesn’t know the meaning of rest – she is literally climbing, exploring and running all over – even CHASING Little Bear who is bigger than her by a lot.  She is non-stop energy.

Again – great potty box day.  They ate both breakfast and dinner like I was Jesus bringing them the last supper. They both don’t know what “No” means – they treat it as “I am ignoring you” so the water gun got a lot of use.  But eventually they will stop jumping on the kitchen stove, going inside the couch instead of on it, and stay away from the door to the outside.  As for hissing, just the smallest amount.

Little Bear has taken to going off on his own and avoiding them.  When he runs into them, he kinda cries and walks away unless Olivia is in hot pursuit. My guess is that within a week, I won’t have to worry over them getting along. I just want to see the day where they all sleep in the bed together and don’t mind each other. So all in all, the kids are adjusting & me and Little Bear have a ways to go.  We will see what I come home to tomorrow.  Thanks again.

Day 3
Well, I am in love.  Yep – these two munchkins have definitely snuggled their cute selves into my heart.  They are so adorable when they are napping.  Their little faces are heart-melting.  You raised two really loving and unafraid kittens.  It was another great day of eating all their prescription food and having solid stools!  YEAH! They are so happy and love running around at break-neck speeds.

Little Bear, however, is POUTING big time.  It is like I just can’t give him enough attention and play time, he wants more. He cries and I go over and hug him, kiss him, praise him and play. Then I go watch tv and he starts all over again. He never got this much attention when Boris was alive, but it is like he is so needy. I knew having two kittens would make him feel younger, but didn’t realize he would regress to such bad child-like behavior.

The best part of my day was when I woke up to having ALL three cats in bed with me. It was great. I know that the transition is complete. Little Bear likes to show off – when Bella starts making the ball go around in the track, he runs over and hits it, as if to say, “watch this little lady – see how a pro does it”. It’s hysterical. He definitely likes his alone time though, after being chased, he goes and sleeps on the bed to escape. When I am at the computer, he comes and sits on my lap as if to say, “can we talk? — OH the day I have had!!” He is a drama cat now. I know this is good for him though – he needs these youngsters to keep him active and happy, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

3 Responses to "Another Happy Adopter Sends Us an Update"

  1. Margo Giovannonesays: February 11, 2010 at 4:07 am

    What a lovely story. I’m so pleased my daughter, Gina, is involved with AUSTIN PETS ALIVE.
    And I’m pleased that you are having such fun with your new family. They really make your life so different.
    All the best ,

  2. Cherisays: February 11, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Gina is a great foster mamma—and there is something very special about bottle fed babies–they make the greatest pets:)~~help us make Austin a No-Kill City~and help us save ALL the bottle babies that come into Townlake this season–volunteer to foster~volunteer to spread the word about APA! Thank you Gina and all you other bottle baby feeders:)

  3. Ginasays: February 11, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks ma and Cheri. I wish I could take all the credit, but I have a very well trained husband who does the night feeds. If APA! would like training in this area I’ll be only too happy to help ;-)

    Ollie and Olivia (or Bella as she is now) were an absolute joy to have.