Another update on Jakey

by Kristina • Posted in: Special Needs Pets



We are so sad to let you know that Jakey has passed.  After breaking with the Parvo virus his condition worsened due to significant protein loss.  He was in the best hands being cared for in a nationally recognized Parvo Puppy ICU.   Thank you again for your support and thoughts for Jakey.
2/26/14 5pm:

After running a series of tests, Jakey tested positive for the parvovirus this afternoon. This complicates Jakey’s delicate condition a bit, and means he needs more extensive treatment.

The good news is that APA! runs one of the only specialized Parvo Puppy ICUs in the country, so Jakey is in great hands. Our team of expert staff and volunteers will continue to provide the medication, treatment, and love that Jakey needs right now. You can make a donation to help off-set the increased cost of treatment that comes with this unexpected news.


2/26/14 1pm:

Jakey, the seven month old dachshund mix we wrote about yesterday, is resting and healing in the APA! medical clinic.  He is in great hands with APA! staff and volunteers. Please keep him in your thoughts, and thank you to everyone who donated and shared his story.

Thank you to KVUE and myFOXaustin for covering the story.