Building Update

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Volunteering

Lots of developments are still going on at our building on Manchaca Rd.

Volunteers haven been out in full force and we can’t thank them enough! The nice weather over the past week helped a little too.

It’s a pretty impressive list of the rooms and things that have been worked on over the past couple weeks:

-The parvo ward doubled in size: See video for the tour and a glimpse of a couple of the adorable current residents.

-Our community dog park fence has been installed

-A fence between the two buildings was installed

-Fresh Start rooms window/door trim installed

-Dog and cat caricatures were painted on both buildings

-Dividers were installed between the tops of the cat habitats

-Security locks installed in condos

-French door installed in the break/meeting room

-Cat habitats installed at the Hancock Center PETCO!

-The ringworm ward was completed and we held a dedication ceremony last weekend

Thanks to our volunteers and donors who see the potential our building has and dedicate so much of their time to making it the best it can be for our homeless pets.

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