Fannie finds her ForeverHome

by Adrienne Longenecker • Posted in: Adoptions, General

Fannie going to her ForeverHome

Fannie, the longest of long stay dogs at Austin Pets Alive! found a forever home today. She’s a 12 year old boxer mix who has been at APA! for 734 days. Before she came to APA!, she had been chained in a yard, was heartworm positive, and had clearly had many litters of puppies. Because of her rough start, she has severe separation anxiety and never wanted to be left alone. Despite all of this, Fannie has a heart of gold and is a wonderful companion dog. It is likely that every single volunteer who has come through APA’s volunteer orientation in the last two years has walked her. No doubt many of you, our Facebook fans, know and love her. She was our reigning queen, our mascot, our diva. Beloved by all. She found a home today with a stay at home mom, a toddler and a veteran. She will never be left alone, and will live out her life on a couch instead of in a shelter. She is the epitome of the ‘no-kill’ movement. She gives us hope that there is a perfect match for each and every one of our pets. Her family was out there and they finally found each other. Happy trails, sweet lady.


Authored by Becca & Jess; posted by ALongenecker