February Volunteer of the Month – Kate Hill

by Christina DePuy • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Foster, General, Ringworm, Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

APA Kate

As we wrap up the month of February, Austin Pets Alive! would like to thank our February Volunteer of the Month – Kate Hill! Kate is an active and necessary part of the cat team. Not only is Kate more than happy to take on the most undesirable jobs in the cattery (washing litter boxes and scooping poop), she also provides foster to the ringworm cats. One of the true tests of a great volunteer is the willingness to do whatever needs to be done. Kate is that kind of volunteer, and APA! wouldn’t be able to do what we do without her. Thank you, Kate!

“Kate is also one of our 4 active cat foster screeners and an awesome foster and donor.”
— Leesa Kriege

“I don’t know what we would do without Kate. She is one of the first to show up every time I put out an emergency plea for help. People like her are truly the reason we get by.”
— Wendy Salter

“Kate is Great!! She is always fostering ringworm cats, yet somehow finds the time to come to the ringworm ward at least twice a week to help during our dip days. She shows up with her signature yellow rubber gloves and a great big smile, ready to share some piece of good animal-related news she’s clipped from the paper. One of the things that stands out about her is her enthusiastic willingness to tackle the least glamorous job in cat rescue: the litter boxes. Tons of them. Scooping, filling, and scrubbing them every single week. She doesn’t bat an eye at the thought of carrying them out to the ‘car wash’ where she’ll diligently wash upwards of 20 boxes; we’ve even made a fun little game out of timing her during this task. Kate understands that every task is vital in saving lives.”
— Brittany Dellaglio

About Kate

How did you become interested in volunteering with APA!?
My involvement with APA began with a twist of fate. In May of 2011, I was driving my car on Manchaca when I saw the APA sign near the street. I had heard of APA and I had some extra time that day, so on a whim I pulled into the parking lot of the headquarters. Upon entering the cat building, I spoke with someone who suggested that I apply to foster. Three years and 79 foster cats later, I’m still fostering.

What are you most passionate about at APA!?
I’m most passionate about older cats who have lost their long-term homes because of their owners’ death or incapacity.

What are your favorite things to do at APA!?
Work with the Fungus Fighters at Dazey’s ringworm ward, and listen to cat stories told by adoption counselors, clinic staff, and volunteers. Their love for cats and their dedication inspire me.

What are some words of wisdom for new APA volunteers and/or fosters?
Advice to foster parents: expect continuous and endless learning. You’ll learn more about cats than you ever imagined!

Do you have a favorite kitty at APA?
Favorite foster cat: Bonnie, a four-week-old, blind kitten. One summer evening in 2012, I and other foster parents rushed to APA headquarters to pick up kitties who had just arrived there. Casandra, manager of the bottle baby nursery, lifted a tiny orange kitty up to my face and asked, “Will you take a blind one? Bonnie was born without eyes.” I was on the brink of saying I knew nothing about blind cats, but Casandra didn’t wait for my answer! She quickly placed blind Bonnie and her seeing sister, Betty, into my carrier. They thrived in foster care and were soon adopted together!

What’s an interesting fact about you people may not know?
I’m a member of the Bell Choir at my church.