Meet Lucy

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Lucy is a little bit of a diva. Even her body size matches her personality. Lucy’s “more to love” frame had the people at Town Lake convinced she was a he and dubbed her Landry. Once they brought her in for surgery they realized she needed a new name.

Lucy was obviously somebody’s cat. Cats don’t get that fat – excuse me, big boned – living on scraps. Lucy was found on the street, dropped off at the shelter and when no one came in to claim her an APA! foster parent brought Lucy into her home.

You really can’t tell from these pictures but Lucy is a very big cat with a soft, luxurious coat. She also has brilliant green eyes and cute little white toes. Her white chin gives her face the expression that she is always smiling, always happy to see you (so long as you’ve brought treats, she has to maintain that physique, you know).

She is also plenty fine to be left alone to her own devices. She likes propping herself up on a nice cushioned chair next to a window to make sure she is up to date on the happenings outside. She’ll play with her toys and lounge around contently when you’re away. You don’t have to worry about keeping the TV on for this cat while you’ve left the house. But when you return she’ll be more than happy to roll around and play with you. She’s an adult cat but has the heart of a kitten. She loves playing with a feather toy or little stuffed mouse.

But Lucy can also be a little bossy. She’s fine with letting you pick her up and hold her but only for so long. She isn’t a shy or scared cat. She’ll come right up to you but she does have standards. Once she approves of you she will purr and give you little love nibbles and lick your hand when you pet her.

Lucy does like to be top dog – er, cat. She does not enjoy the presence of other cats. Only she can be queen of the household. How dare any other inferior cat invade her personal space (which is the whole house)! It probably goes the same for dogs.

That being said, Lucy would be very happy in a home without other pets. Maybe someone who is looking for a relatively low maintenance first time cat that won’t climb up the curtains or scratch the furniture but still likes to have fun? Maybe someone who is single and doesn’t want a cat that will have separation anxiety every time she leaves for work? If any one of these “someones” is you (or even if it isn’t and you’d still think Lucy would be your cat match) check out her profile, see more bigger and better photos, and email hidden; JavaScript is required to set up a time to meet.

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