Meet Mildred – A True Golden Girl

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Meet Mildred, a sassy senior citizen looking for her happy ending. Mildred was a puppy mill momma, delivering litter after litter of pups to be sold for profit. Finally she was allowed to retire in her old age, at which point she was dumped at a kill shelter, sick and covered with fleas.

Mildred is now living in foster care and is really enjoying this thing called affection. She silently follows her people around from room to room, settling at her foster moms feet while she works. Mildred can spend long minutes giving gentle kisses because loving is as new to her as being loved. This lovely West Highland Terrier mix previously lived life in a cage and now enjoys just walking, sniffing the grass or sitting outside with the sun warming her beautiful coat.

Almost every normal experience is new and delightful to Mildred. Sleeping in a dog bed, eating nutritious food, going for a walk, being petted, playing with other dogs, are all experiences that she absolutely relishes. With each new experience she opens up a little more and becomes spunkier and more full of life.

Mildred is fourteen years old, no spring chicken to be sure. But this sweet and intelligent girl has a lot of life left to live and deserves to live it in a home where she will be treated with the love and respect she has been deprived of until now. Mildred is deaf and is blind in one eye, but none of that stops her from following her people around, investigating her surroundings and getting to know her foster doggy siblings.

Mildred is really an easy dog who would be happy placed in a variety of homes. All that is needed to be the right home for Mildred is an understanding of what she has missed out on and the fact that she has lots of time left to experience all the joys that being a beloved family pet holds for a dog.

To meet this beautiful dog, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required and an APA! volunteer will be in touch with you.

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