More Big Love: Meet Abby, Fannie and Patricia

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Bigger and older dogs are getting the shorter end of the stick. Their benefits are plentiful — most are already house-trained, they’re appreciative of a loving home and they’re well beyond that chew-on-your-new-shoes phase of life. But for some reason, these lovable and wonderful critters aren’t making it out of the shelter environment and into loving homes as quickly as we’d like.

While smaller dogs tend to find homes faster than larger dogs, Abby, Fannie and Patricia would like that trend to change. They each have so much to offer and are great companions. Let us introduce them:

The first thing you might notice about Abby is her big, beautiful, silky ears. They aren’t just impressive because they’re so beautiful, but also because Abby must rely on them (along with her nose) to get around. Abby is a special needs dog because she is blind, but that doesn’t slow her down. She enjoys her daily walks, is quick to learn her surroundings, and when you say her name, her little nub of a tail will wiggle with excitement. Like any beautiful lady, she loves getting attention from men especially.

Looking for a furry mate to settle down with? We’ve got you covered! Meet Fannie, a sweet, mature lady looking for a comfortable home and couch to sit on while having her ears rubbed. Walks with Fannie are calm and casual — she’s easy to handle and is a pure joy to be with. Fannie has lived a rough life and is ready to meet a loving family with a home she can relax in.

Our next bundle of joy is Patricia, a true miracle dog. She came from the city shelter having been seized by the city from her prior owner for cruelty and neglect. Patricia has since done a complete 180 and projects doggie smiles and licks with each and every visitor. Her beautiful personality really shines through when she is spending time with people going on walks or sitting for treats (what doggy doesn’t love treats!). Gentle, sweet, patient and loving, Patricia is ready to live a full life with you!

These bigger dogs are worth a second look. Sure, they may take up a little more room in your car, but imagine the space they could fill in your heart!

Written by Dan Marino

One Response to "More Big Love: Meet Abby, Fannie and Patricia"

  1. Chip Youngsays: March 6, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Patricia and her older sister Jessica Simpson were two of my favorites when they were at AAC – both of these sweet girls need and deserve a loving home. If I didn’t already have 3, I’d have taken them home long ago.