Pip & his littermates: fighting a battle that began before they were even born.

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Update from Angela and Becca: Pip did not make it, he passed this morning, February 17th.

Blog post from Angela Lozano

In late January Estella, aged 5 weeks died unexpectedly, she was the third in her litter to pass away. Due to the tragic and sudden loss of 3 pups from a litter of 7 an autopsy was performed with samples being sent to Texas A&M University. The results showed that their mother, a stray dog, had contracted parvo and passed it to the litter gestation-ally. The parvo virus was attacking the tiny hearts of these seemingly healthy pups and causing their hearts to fail. To combat the virus, blood was taken from Trina, an Austin Pets Alive alumni and foster sister to one of the deceased pups. A serum was made to boost the blood cells of the pups and has been successfully administered to all!

Earlier this afternoon I ran into Pip with his current foster mom Becca at the Austin Pets Alive! Headquarters right before he received his shot. He was a little timid from his second car ride in a week, but I’m pretty sure he remembered me. Everyone will be keeping a close watch on Pip and his brothers and sisters over the next few weeks and with Dr. Jefferson’s care we know that we are giving them the greatest chance at recovery.

I received an update and more info on the litter this morning on how the parvo virus affected them and how they’re doing: They got the virus in utero so the virus is actually gone but it hurt the heart too badly and for the ones that got it (we are hoping that the remaining 3 were able to fight it off), they died suddenly when their heart gave out. There was no way to prevent it.

We will keep you all posted on how the other pups are doing.

Read the first post here, featuring beautiful photos of the baby pups (including Estrella who didn’t make it).

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