Send House to Sanctuary

by Sara Hyder • Posted in: Behavior, Fundraising


House has been at Austin Pets Alive! for a little over a year. In that time, he’s had the opportunity to know the peace and comfort of a foster home. His foster family fully committed to providing House with everything he would need to move onto a family all his own. He showed a great deal of promise until recently, when a series of unfortunate events (through no fault of his or his foster) resulted in House coming back to the shelter.


At 6 years old, House shows some uncertainty toward people. Timid and fearful at first, House has made great strides but he has also proven to be a bit unpredictable. This handsome fellow has learned to trust a handful of people – but ultimately, around strangers, he tends to be nervous and unsure.

And that’s okay! It just means that finding the right situation for this guy will be imperative to his success in a world outside of the shelter.  After searching high and low for a positive solution for House, our dedicated behaviorists have settled on a sanctuary in upstate New York that will give House a home.

Spirit Animal Sanctuary has agreed to take House and give him all the freedom and space he needs to live a comfortable life without the added stress of shelter life. With plenty of open space to romp around in and no pressure for finding the perfect family – 1,700 miles is all that’s standing in the way of House and his future!

Getting House to New York won’t be easy and it certainly won’t be cheap. With your help, we hope to give House a new lease on life. He will receive the same dedicated care and attention he gets now with the added bonus of experiencing all four seasons! Let’s show this handsome boy what a New York state of mind can do for him.
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