Seth- the Big Headed Sweetie Needs Help

by epjdog • Posted in: Rescue

seth2Seth’s legs have not been feeling well lately.  We are not exactly sure when it started because he was so scared and shy at first.  The first day we noticed it, he acted like he was worried about his neuter site (understandable!).  So we gave him some pain medicine and he was feeling better.  But then he started showing signs of kennel cough.  Which led him to his foster home.

Lauren, his foster mom, noticed that he was reluctant to jump on the furniture and seemed “hunched”.  We let it go a little longer to see if he would relax and feel better.   But he didn’t.  Today he went in for xrays and it looks like he has bilateral ACL injuries to his knees.  Unfortunately, this requires surgery- expensive surgery.

So we are left to wonder, did the owner/breeder of Seth and Sugar (his sister who was adopted) give them up because they knew the pair had medical issues (Sugar has a cherry eye)?  Were these supposed to be fighting dogs (seems impossible given their sweet temperaments- good with cats, good with small dogs, etc..>)?  Were they just not good enough for an expensive pit breeder? 

Well, we love Seth and we will see him through this- afterall he is like a big teddy bear.  We need your help- Please consider adopting him or telling people about him.  He is one of the most beautiful pits I have ever seen- all head- like E.T.  He is sweet and loving, although clearly never trained, and wants to please.  If you can’t adopt, consider donating for his surgery – probably $1000.  Every little bit counts. You can do it on our website.

Seth is young, perfect in temperament, and in pain.  We can keep him on great drugs to lessen his painseth.  As soon as we have the funds and a home, surgery will cure it.  Please help.

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