Spending time at an adoption event

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As you know, our kitties and pups can be found at locations all around Austin waiting and hoping for someone to spot them and fall in love.

When you volunteer at an adoption event and spend time with these animals you truly understand how each one has a different personality and how each cat is unique and special.

Why not get to know some of the felines from the Ohlen Petsmart Adoption Event last Saturday?

Lexie is such a wonderful kitten. She’s sweet, loving, and smart. She liked being held and played with the feather toys. A few people were interested in her but no one took the plunge. Could Lexie be right for you?

Gerald was IN HEAVEN being petted and brushed. He even rolled over for me so I could brush his sides. Gerald is one big fluffy lazy lap cat. I can tell already.

Zepplin is quite the talker. She meowed at everyone passing by to let her out of her little cage. She even let a few roudy kids play with her tail through the bars. When we finally did take her out she cuddled into our arms and was completely content with all the attention.

Ivy is a stunning black beauty, so easy going she didn’t even mind having that huge fuzzy collar around her neck.

Ivy and Billie Jean are foster-mates and have grown very close. They sleep nuzzled up against each other and Ivy acts like little Billie Jean’s adopted mom. What an adorable pair!

Billie Jean is the cutest kitten I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t get over those gray spots on her nose and chin. Ever the kitten, she played and played and played with customers. Her foster mom didn’t intend to bring her to the event because she had only recently been spayed but Billie Jean had other plans. She hopped in the cat carrier along with Ivy. This little kitten did not want to be left out of the fun.

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  1. shoreyrsays: February 6, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    I have volunteered at many events, and it’s really fun to be with the animals, talk with fosters, and learn more about each animal.