Starfish Needs a Savior

by Lisa Maxwell • Posted in: General

You may have heard the parable about a young girl throwing starfish into the ocean, saving them one at a time.

It’s something we reference often in the rescue world – that helping even one animal matters. Well, APA! has a real-life Starfish who needs your help. Starfish was found left in a box in a park and taken to an area shelter, where she was diagnosed with swimmer syndrome.

While its causes are unknown, swimmer syndrome results in puppies lacking strength to stand or walk. They move in a turtle-like, or swimming motion. Previously, euthanasia was recommended for these puppies, but now it has been determined that this is a very treatable condition.

Because Starfish was eight months old when she was found, her treatment is expected to take longer than it would have if it had been started early. Treatment includes reinforcing her legs with casts and then holding them together with soft binding, so that she cannot splay them. She will also need a size medium four-wheel wheel chair and a lot of physical therapy so that she can begin developing her muscles and learning to walk upright.

Would you consider helping this single Starfish get back on her feet with a donation?

Video: Starfish as she was found, and right, wearing her Valentine’s Day outfit.