Update on Victory, Part 3

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

Last night, APA received word that Victory’s court hearing is now moved to a future yet-to-be-determined date. Until ownership is established, we cannot move forward with her reconstructive surgery. Victory continues to live with an APA foster and her welfare, health and safety continue to be our top priority.

Victory3Last week, Victory visited with a board certified veterinary dermatologist who is looking at all possible diagnoses for this condition, including if it was caused by a medical problem rather than trauma. As soon as we get clearance, we will revisit surgery. We believe she has been living like this for some time, and she seems to have become accustomed to it. She acts happy and playful and sleeps well. We feel that waiting a few weeks longer for surgery will not adversely affect Victory. This is not ideal by any means, but our decision to postpone surgery is in compliance with the court.

Your support has made all the difference. She couldn’t possibly get this type of care without your donations and your good wishes. We have raised enough to cover her care but any donations over the amount ultimately needed will be used to help other abused and neglected animals like Victory.