Volunteer of the Month: Pam Martin

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The Volunteer of the Month for February 2012 is Pam Martin! Pam is an amazing volunteer who has done so much for the dog foster program in APA! She has fostered the many medically needy dogs ranging from Trudy with a severe case of mange to numerous sick distemper puppies. She has received so many accolades it is hard to choose which ones to share.

This is what some of her fellow volunteers and various staff members have had to say about Pam’s attributes….

“Pam Martin is amazing!!! Pam went with me to pull animals from a kill shelter. We were presented with a mom and 1 pup and without batting an eyelash she said they were ready to go to her house. We got them there and then a week later 5 three day old babies appeared in need and she again without batting an eye said bring them on. Sadly mom and her own baby had distemper which spread to the surrogates. Pam nursed all 6 puppies and 1 mommy through this devastating illness. Pam has lost FOUR of these babies yet has the heart, spirit, and outlook of an angel and saint! Every day you see her she is full of smiles and concern for all. I would be a hallow ghost by now, but not Pam. She has never once given up on any of them, has not asked to move them, and has showed such an amazing perseverance that I am in awe daily of her! Pam has also joined our mentor team and is just as amazing at that! Pam symbolizes all that APA stands for to all pets and people! We love you Pam!” – Faith Wright

“Pam has an amazing heart. She is always so kind to people she meets at apa. Not just volunteers she knows but anyone she meets. Pam takes on very difficult foster cases. Cases that make me cringe in heart breaking pain just thinking about the few details I am forced to hear. Pam has a calm faith and loving presence. She exemplifies what it means to be an apa volunteer: patience, kindness, generosity and faith. I love Pam and think everyone should know how wonderful she is.” – morgan

“She’s absolutely amazing by continually helping our youngest, most needy pups. What would we do without Pam Martin?!” – Mindy Briggs

“Amazing love and support to the animals, especially in their most vulnerable state and the strength to keep going.” – Lexy Bonge

Pam is also a driving force behind Ozzy’s Team, sharing the information and knowledge she has gleaned about the treatment of distemper with other fosters who are undergoing the pain of treating dogs and puppies with this terrible disease. She also is a source of comfort to those battling the fight against this scourge.

Congratulations, Pam. You definitely deserve to be the Volunteer of the Month for February which is also known as the month of love.

2 Responses to "Volunteer of the Month: Pam Martin"

  1. Miki Teshsays: February 16, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Pam is a wonderful person who gives so much to the most vulnerable animals we have. She gives with her whole heart (and pocket). Thank you Pam!

  2. Shannon Martin =)says: February 17, 2012 at 9:58 am


    Thank you all for encouraging and recognizing my wonderful Aunt =) She truly has a heart of gold and I am so proud of her and the work she does for APA. She gives every ounce she can in everything she does without once stopping to think of herself. I wish more people were like her, but because there aren’t it goes to show just what a rare gem she is =) I love you Aunt Pam and am so happy for you receiving this honor and recognition…you deserve it and so much more =)