Biggie Update

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It’s been a long time since we’ve posted about Biggie, the cat dropped in the overnight box at TLAC with a gunshot wound to his leg. After attempting to save his legs by using pins, he wasn’t healing and amputation became his only option. Luckily, the sweet boy doesn’t seem to have any problems getting around on just 3 legs!

Not surprisingly, after bonding with him during all of his treatment and recovery, his foster decided to adopt him. Here’s what she has to say about him:

Biggie is such an amazing, loving cat. He’s got a wonderful personality, and he loves to cuddle. He enjoys being around people and “talking” to them. When I’m home, he follows me from room to room and doesn’t let me out of his sight. I have a six foot tall cat tree that he can scale in about five seconds- he really doesn’t seem to be hindered much by his missing leg. It took awhile, but he’s getting along with my other cat. They love to sit in windows together and watch birds and squirrels. He’s mischievous when it comes to food, and I caught him sprinting away from my dinner table a few months ago with a tortilla in his mouth. I also learned pretty quickly that if I left a bag of treats out on my counter, I’d come home to an empty, shredded bag and a very happy Biggie. He’s thriving and loving life, and I’m really grateful to APA and everyone who donated for his surgeries. It’s awesome to see how far he’s come in the last year.

Thank you to Nicole Mlaker Photography for the photos!

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  1. shoreysays: March 7, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Biggie was voted as the 2010 Cat of the Year by the APA Cat Program volunteers. Glad he’s doing so well!