Bottle Baby Team visits Wildlife Rescue and Rehab

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Last Sunday, the APA! Bottle Baby team had the great privilege to visit and tour the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation (WRR) center in Kendalia, TX. Founded in 1977, the center spans 187 acres and provides a permanent home for a variety of mammals and non-indigenous birds and reptiles. Each year over 5,000 animals are brought to WRR, mostly from surrounding areas, but many from around the country; the majority of these are rehabilitated and released or given permanent sanctuary. Imagine primates that have lived mostly in a lab being used for various studies, elderly goats, big cats, bears, FIV+ cats, and roaming dogs. Since the tour was geared toward the  Bottle Baby team, who works with our tiniest kittens and puppies at APA!, we focused on the baby squirrels, opossums, skunks, and the like.

The goal for the tour was to observe the overall operations and facility setup, as well as feedings for the babies, and to gain knowledge about procedures and strategies to keep the animals as healthy as possible.

The photos below are of an orphaned baby squirrel and of another who is being hand-fed with a syringe.

Baby Squirrel

Feeding Baby Squirrel

The APA! Bottle Baby team will put to practice many of the procedures we observed so that the babies coming into our care this kitten season will receive the utmost care. Thanks again to the wonderful staff at WRR for an incredible learning experience!

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