Calamity Jane

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Update 3/9/10: Just got a call from Dr. Vasanjee from the Heart of Texas Specialty Hospital. Calamity Jane’s surgery went great. She was one of the 90% who can be fixed with surgery – no more heart murmur! He’s keeping her overnight. Thanks, everyone, for making this happen for her!

Calamity Jane is a 12 week old puppy who was put on the euthanasia list because she has a heart murmur and will need surgery to fix it.

Here are some notes about her from her foster mom:

When she is sitting near you and wants to play (especially on the bed), she makes this cute little tiny growl and stares at you and smiles. Then her tail starts going and she’ll pounce on you. She doesn’t attack or bite, she’s like “PLAY NOW!!!!!!”

Also, she looks a lot like my black lab Piper does and she crawls all over Piper. Piper will lay on her back and Calamity will jump on her tummy and pull her ears and she just looks like a pint size version of her bigger/older foster sister.

When she’s ready to cuddle, she gets to wherever we are and just plops down half in our lap and half out and just passes out. A lot of times if you pet her and she wakes up, she just starts licking/kissing your hand until she falls asleep again. She is too precious.

And her favorite toy is a red rubber ball mouse. It is about the size of her head because she is so tiny and she looks adorable carrying it around by the ears and wrestling with it.

Last Monday/Tuesday at 1:30 in the morning she couldn’t breathe and her foster rushed her to the emergency vet. They took x-rays and her heart is the size of an adult fist (and she is only an 8 pound pup) and her lungs were filling with fluid. When the heart doesn’t pump right, the lungs don’t work either.

She is on daily meds to keep the fluid out of her lungs and visits the APA med techs, so no more emergencies since then! Thank goodness! This surgery is vital though. If she doesn’t have surgery to fix the murmur, she will die. And we don’t want that to happen!

We need to raise $1,000 for her heart surgery that we hope to get for her very soon.

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  1. Lailasays: March 5, 2010 at 10:51 am

    I’m Calamity Jane’s foster mama and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read her story, shared her story, and donated. We are so close to the goal! Let’s get there and get this amazing puppy girl all fixed up and ready for a new home and family!